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Super Laser Puts US Department of Energy Closer to Hot Fusion

Scientists working for the US Department of Energy took a big step toward the development of hot fusion recently. The researchers recently tested a super x-ray laser that can create super hot plasma that’s hotter than the sun’s corona. They recently heated a piece of aluminum up to a temperature of 3.6 million degrees Fahrenheit (2 million degrees Celsius) that is actually hotter than the corona of the sun.

Greek Company to Allow Third Party Testing of LENR Heating Device

Defkalion Green Technologies Global Limited has announced that it will become the first company to allow third party testing of a low energy nuclear reaction heating device. The company has announced that it will schedule a series of third party tests of its technology at its facility in Xanti, Greece within the next few months.

This makes Defkalion the first company to offer to let third party observers test its technology. Unfortunately it has not revealed the parameters of the tests or said exactly when they would take place. One wonders if they will let the observers open the LENR units and actually examine them and their contents or not.

More Revelations from Andrea Rossi

There have been some very interesting revelations from Andrea Rossi. In two videos posted at Rossi makes something interesting statements about his ecat low energy nuclear reaction device. He also clarifies some issues. The videos show Rossi in his workshop with an e-cat that is producing steam.

Questions are shown on the screen but it doesn’t appear that anybody is actually talking to Rossi. Instead he appears to be alone and talking to the camera.

NASA has Applied for a LENR Patent

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA the US government’s space agency has apparently filed a patent application for a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) energy source. Joe Zawodny a Senior Research Scientist at the agency’s Langley Research Center made that revelation in a blog entry dated January 14.

Zawodny is the scientist seen in what appears to be an official NASA video promoting what is described as “NASA’s method for Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polaritrons to Initiate and Sustain LENR in Metal Hydride Solutions a clean nuclear energy for your power operated technology.” These are the words used by a NASA announcer.

Ecat LENR Home Heating and Cooling System could be shipped in August

Andrea Rossi thinks that his Leonardo Corporation could begin shipping the world’s first low energy nuclear reaction powered heating and cooling system for home use in August. In a blog post dated January 10, the Italian-American inventor stated that he is engineering the factory to produce heating fusors.

Rossi did not say where the factory would be located. He has a research facility and a factory for construction of larger 1 mega watt units in Bologna, Italy but has stated the smaller home e-cats would be produced in the United States. The home e-cat unit would produce about 10 kilowatts of heat. Rossi has stated that it will use a heat pump to warm homes in the winter and cool them in the summer.

E-cat Heater and Cooling System is a Steam Powered Heat Pump

Andrea Rossi hopes to bring out a home cooling and heating system powered by his e-cat low energy nuclear reaction technology next fall. Posts to Rossi’s blog indicate that this system will be a steam powered heat pump.

A heat pump is a device that pumps cooler air into the home in the summer and hot air out. It does the reverse in the winter. It should be noted that most heat pumps don’t produce enough heat to be effective heating devices in areas where temperatures regularly fall below freezing (such as all of Canada and much of the US). Rossi stated that his new heating system will be a steam powered heat pump most of the heat pumps now sold in the US are electric-powered.

E-cat apparently Ready for Heating but not Electric Production

Andrea Rossi’s e-cat low energy nuclear reaction device is apparently ready for home heating purposes but not electric production. In posts on his Journal of Nuclear Physics blog Rossi admits that he is not ready for electric production. He also states that he is so confident that about the device’s ability to make heat that he is taking preorders for e-cat heaters. Rossi is not taking any money for e-cat units at this time.