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National Instruments Reveals LENR work, LENR Research at Purdue University and University of Texas

National Instruments the US manufacturer of scientific and engineering instruments has launched a coordinated effort to study Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). The effort is detailed on a Slide Show that uses the euphemism Anomalous Heat Generation to describe LENR.

National Instruments stated it is interested in what it calls anomalous heat generation because of independent thesis at the University of Texas at Austin. Unfortunately the name of the author of this thesis is not mentioned. The thesis found that there were more than 180 experiments that created heat from nickel hydrogen and another process called Pd-D (this could be palladium).

British LENR Company Working with Celani

A British startup company called Kresenn Ltd is apparently conducting Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) research with Italian physicist Dr. Francessco Celani.

Francesco Celani

Kresenn’s website states that Celani is developing a test reactor that will use a completely new catalyst. The catalyst is not identified but in the past Celani has claimed to have achieved nickel hydrogen LENR reactions in his work. The reactor will apparently be of a new design. No specific use for the reactor is mentioned nor is any specific work on it detailed.

More Defkalion Rumors Circulating

More rumors about the fate and future of Defkalion Green Technologies the Greek company that claims to be developing a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device similar to Andrea Rossi’s ecat are circulating. None of these rumors can be confirmed and there is nothing about them at Defkalion’s website.

Vancouver could be Defkalion's New Home if rumors are true

The latest rumor is that the company is for sale. The rumor doesn’t say to whom only that it is for sale. It’s unclear whether the company itself or its’ Hyperion LENR technology are what is for sale. These rumors could be a misreading of Defaklion’s plans to license its technology.

Rossi Claims E-cat is Generating Temperatures of 1000 Celsius

Andrea Rossi inside his 1 MW ecat Unit

Inventor Andrea Rossi has told an interviewer that his Ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device is generating temperatures of 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,832 degrees Fahrenheit). He also claims that the device is maintaining these temperatures steadily.

Rossi made the claim to the E-Cat World blog in an interview dated July 23, 2012. Unfortunately he did not provide any proof or verification for these claims. Instead he claimed that all will be reviewed in an upcoming report. Rossi did not say who is preparing the report. Nor did he say when it would be released.

Is Defkalion Leaving Greece?

The E-Cat World website is reporting that Defkalion Green Technologies which is developing a low energy nuclear reaction device called the Hyperion could be thinking of leaving Greece. Unfortunately there is no direct evidence of just story just E-Cat World’s interpretation of a post on a Greek LENR forum.

The post seems to indicate that Defkalion was having a hard time finding investors because of the current economic and political situation in Greece. Investors understandably didn’t want to invest money in a company located in a country currently undergoing through incredible turmoil. The post also stated that Defkalion has not gotten enough official support from the Greek government.

E-cat Australia Stirs up Controversy

A new website called e-cat Australia is apparently stirring up a little controversy Down Under. The site which went live last week is offering both the 1 megawatt industrial and 10 kilowatt domestic e-cat low energy nuclear reaction units. These units could generate one megawatt of heat or 10 kilowatts of heat.

The site allows individuals to pre-order a domestic e-cat unit which it says will be out next year. The site also states that you can purchase a one megawatt e-cat unit now. Online sources indicate that Andrea Rossi has apparently built such a unit but has not yet shipped it to a customer.

CNBC will Apparently Air Classic 60 Minutes Cold Fusion Story

The American cable news network CNBC will apparently air a repeat of the classic 60 Minutes piece about cold fusion; “Cold Fusion is Hot Again” at midnight Eastern and Pacific times (11 p.m. Central and Mountain) on Tuesday July 17. The network apparently shows reruns of old 60 Minutes shows at midnight on weekdays which is odd because 60 Minutes is the flagship news show on NBC’s rival network CBS. NBC owns and operates CNBC and MSNBC.

CBS Apparently not planning New Cold Fusion Segment

A claim that the American television network CBS is planning to run a new or updated version of a segment about cold fusion on its flagship news magazine 60 minutes is apparently not true. A post at Independent eCat News claims that 60 Minutes is planning to update its cold fusion report on Tuesday July 17.

Defkalion issues Press Release on Tests, Stremmenos speaks Out

Defkalion Green Technologies has broken its silence with a very brief press release on its low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) testing. The press release took the form of a Microsoft Word document that stated the company is performing analysis on materials using XRF and ICP-MS.

An X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometer

XRF apparently refers to X-Ray Fluorescence a kind of x-ray instrument used for non-destructive analysis of a wide variety of materials including rocks and minerals. This device is sometimes called an X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer.  ICP-MS refers to inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. This is a process used to analyze rare earth elements and other materials. I imagine Defkalion is hoping that these tests will prove fusion is taking place.