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Rossi in North Carolina, e-cat Test Postponed to July

There have been some pretty interesting developments in the world of low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) lately. Some of the most interesting occurrences include:

  • E-cat inventor Andrea Rossi made a trip to Raleigh, North Carolina, with his attorneys. On January 18, Rossi told readers of his blog that he was in Raleigh with his lawyers. Raleigh is the home of Tom Darden, the owner of Industrial Heat, whom Rossi is suing for breach of contract over a failed e-cat licensure attempt. E-Cat World writer Frank Acland speculated that Rossi and Darden might be trying to settle their lawsuit through mediation.

Brillouin LENR Device Receives Third-Party Verification from Leading Research Institute

Researchers at SRI International;  the facility formerly known as the Stanford Research Institute, have successfully replicated part of Brillouin Energy Corporation’s Hydrogen Hot Tube low energy nuclear reactor.

SRI researchers were able to generate what they call over unity amounts of heat from low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) generated by the latest version of the Hydrogen Hot Tube, a Brillouin press release states. This apparently amounts to third-party verification of at least part of Brillouin’s technology.

Hydren Hot Tube Boiler