Industrial Heat is now claiming that Ecat does not work. In a press release responding to Andrea Rossi’s lawsuit, the license for the inventor’s low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology did not produce the results claimed.

“Industrial Heat has worked for over three years to substantiate the results claimed by Mr. Rossi from the Ecat technology – all without success,” the release posted at PR Newswire claims. The company owned by Tom Darden’s Cherokee Partners also claims that Rossi breached its contracts.

“Leonardo Corporation and Mr. Rossi also have repeatedly breached their agreements,” the release stated. “At the conclusion of these proceedings we are confident that the claims of Mr. Rossi and Leonardo Corporation will be rejected.”

Rossi is seeking $89 million in damages from Darden and his partner J.T.  Vaugn in a federal lawsuit filed on April 5, The Triangle Business Journal reported. Note: the lawsuit itself does not mention any specific amount. American reporters have a bad habit of attaching numbers to lawsuits when no such figures actually exist.

The inventor himself has claimed that a third-party test validates his claims. Industrial Heat, owned by Darden paid around $1.5 million for the licensing agreement last year. In the suit, Rossi claims Darden and Vaugn promised him $100.5 million for the technology in 2012.

Even ecat concept art

Industrial Heat tested an Ecat unit in Raleigh in 2013 but claims the device could not achieve the results Rossi promised. Rossi claims that an ecat test in Miami showed the device produced 50 more energy than it consumed and thus met the terms of the contract.

New Ecat Company Revealed

The suit also mentions another firm we have not heard of as owning an ecat license IPH International, The Triangle Business Journal claims. IPH is apparently based in the Netherlands and owned by Industrial Heat, it is listed as a codefendant. Among other things Rossi is accusing Industrial Heat of replicating his technology without permission.

Concept Art of a Home ecat boiler.

When contacted by The Business Journal, Vaughn dismissed the suit “as without merit.” It looks as if the relationship between Rossi and Darden is over. Although, Industrial Heat is still in the LENR business, its press concluded with this statement:

“Industrial Heat continues to be focused on a scientifically rigorous approach that includes thorough, robust and accurate testing of promising LENR technologies. Our goal remains to deliver clean, safe and affordable energy.”