An  Industrial Heat subsidiary based in the United Kingdom has a connection to Ampenergo, a defunct company set up to license Andrea Rossi’s e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology in America a few years ago.

Documents filed with Her Majesty’s Government’s agency for registering corporations Companies House, on May 9, 2015, created a private company called IH Holdings International Holdings Inc. The IH apparently stands for Industrial Heat – the company Cherokee Partners Chief Executive Officer Tom Darden set up to license Andrea Rossi’s e-cat technology last year.

The documents list a number of investors in the enterprise. They include representatives of something called Calmus LLC. Calmus’s representative signed on behalf of AmpEnergo Inc. LLC stands for Limited Liability Company so I have to wonder is Calmus is an organization that bought up the assets of AmpEnergo and if that company is no more because AmpEnergo’s website no longer appears to be in operation.

Has Brad Pitt Invested in e-Cat?

This could also mean that Darden himself has bought AmpEnergo and folded it into Industrial Heat. Darden signed the document a number of times on behalf of an entity called Brickhaven II LLC

E-Cat’s World Frank Atwood claimed that there is also a connection between movie star Brad Pitt and IH Holdings. He noted that one of the investors is the Briarcliff Trust an entity in Britain that is supposedly owned by Pitt. A man called Tom Darden is listed as the executive director of Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation – charity. According to its website, Make It Right builds homes for poor people and invests in solar power. Acland noted that, that individual is Tom Darden III, the Cherokee Partners’ CEO’s son.

Brad Pitt at a Make It Right Project in New Orleans.

A strong possibility here is that Pitt is simply an investor in Cherokee Partners projects and may have little or no knowledge of e-cat. Darden is simply managing Pitt’s money for him, since Pitt is presumably a millionaire thanks to his film roles.

It is not clear what IH Holdings will do although it may exist to license Industrial Heat’s patents and technology in the United Kingdom and possibly the European Union. Although it looks as if Darden and Cherokee may have extended their control of e-cat internationally.

Nor is it clear how this will affect Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corp and e-cat licensing beyond the United States. Another probable result is that IH Holdings will license e-cat for the United Kingdom which might mean that another Rossi licensee Hyrdo Fusion could be out of the picture. Hydro Fusion is the British Swedish startup that was marketing e-cat in 2011. It claimed to have a license for ecat in Northern Europe. Hydro Fusion’s website is still in operation, so it could still be in the game.

It looks as if there is yet another mysterious entity involved in the e-cat saga. Yet it also seems as if Darden is consolidating his hold over the technology.