Andrea Rossi and his e-cat team could be working with a US aircraft manufacturer. The low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) researcher made that revelation on his blog on Monday February 1. An expert with connections to a major aerospace company is apparently helping Rossi conduct research on his E-Cat X.

In response to a question from someone identified as J.C. Renoir Rossi made this intriguing remark:

“I am working with the help of a US expert f the field that works in a top concern of the USA and is related indirectly to a top aircrafts manufacturer; I am learning.”

Sadly Rossi did not identify the expert, say what a top concern is nor identify the aircraft manufacturer. One intriguing possibility is that the “top concern” is NASA. That organization’s full name is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Two NASA scientists Joseph Zawodny and Dennis Bushnell have been conducting LENR research. The space agency has also concept art of LENR powered jet air craft. One has to wonder if Zawodny or Bushnell is evaluating Rossi’s work for NASA or a major American aerospace company such as Boeing or Lockheed-Martin. At least one other aerospace giant, Airbus has also shown some interest in LENR.

Aerospace companies are interested in LENR because of the possibility of a jet that could operate without fuel. Such an aircraft could stay in the air a lot longer, have a longer range and carry a much larger payload.  Rossi has confirmed that one of his ecats has been operating for a year on a charge and has produced one megawatt of heat.

NASA concept animation of LENR powered aircraft.

In addition to dropping cryptic hits Rossi is also conducting destructive tests on e-cat. These involve melting the e-cat down and I imagine deliberately damaging it to see how it functions in extreme situation. This as if safety tests are being conducted. That means Rossi might be close to conducting a field test or a commercial application.

It sounds as if e-cat could finally be ready for prime time. Hopefully, we will get some actual confirmation instead of just cryptic remarks from Rossi to go on.