There have been some pretty interesting developments in the world of low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) lately. Some of the most interesting occurrences include:

  • E-cat inventor Andrea Rossi made a trip to Raleigh, North Carolina, with his attorneys. On January 18, Rossi told readers of his blog that he was in Raleigh with his lawyers. Raleigh is the home of Tom Darden, the owner of Industrial Heat, whom Rossi is suing for breach of contract over a failed e-cat licensure attempt. E-Cat World writer Frank Acland speculated that Rossi and Darden might be trying to settle their lawsuit through mediation.


  • Rossi has postponed a planned public demonstration and test of the QuarkX e-cat model that was scheduled for February. On January 20, Rossi told readers that the demonstration had to be postponed because he and his team were devoting all their time and resources to litigation. He wrote:

  • “Probably we will have to delay the presentation of the QuarkX until after the verdict of the litigation, that is expected by July. I matured this thought today returning from Raleigh, where work for the litigation has been made.”


  • That means the QuarkX demonstration has been postponed to July. One reason for that might be that the jury trial in his lawsuit; which is scheduled for February 27, 2017, is on because mediation attempts with Industrial Heat broke down. Rossi cannot be demonstrating or testing the e-cat while he is sitting in a courtroom.

All this comes at very fascinating time because interest in Cold Fusion and potential demand for the technology is increasing. Pollution is growing worse and becoming a bigger threat to public health and the future.

Air Pollution is Out of Control

Air pollution got so bad in Europe on January 24; that public officials in France, the United Kingdom and Belgium recommended that children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems stay indoors, The Agence France-Press reported. Smog was so bad that 100 flights were cancelled at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Paris’s officials banned older cars from the road, and officials imposed driving restrictions. In Poland efforts to restrict coal burning are underway because of pollution.

It looks as if air pollution is out of control, meaning the world needs less polluting energy sources such as LENR now. Hopefully that need will drive inventors to solve this problem, so we can simply breathe.