We have not heard much from cold fusion pioneer Francesco Celani lately, well now he’s back with a real shocker he’s seen low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) generate electricity spontaneously. Both E-Cat World and the troublesome Italian site 22.blogspot.com have posted excerpts from a report in which Celani claims to have observed spontaneous creation of voltage resulting from LENR.

“The observation of a single-wire spontaneous voltage generation in our experimental set-up, apart the aimed increase of AHE amount (using Fe in the most recent specific case), represents one of the main developments of our recent research activity,” a translation of Celani’s report posted at e-catworld.com states. “The phenomenon consists in the generation of a voltage between the extremities of the non-powered wire in the reactor.”

“Finally, we detected a new anomalous electric effect, consisting in the generation of a spontaneous voltage between the ends of a floating wire in the reactor, enhanced and stabilized by Fe presence,” Celani concluded. Note these are Google translations from the Italian so there could be errors here.

It is not clear if this is static electricity or something like lightning. Unfortunately the report does not state how much electricity was generated although Celani and company apparently tried to measure it.

Celani's Laboratory at the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Rome.

The voltage was observed after Celani added wires made of Constanan an alloy consisting of 55% copper and 45% to his reactors. He also apparently tried to create a low temperature reactor that would generate electricity.

“Since 2011, we introduced in LENR Research field the use of a Constantan alloy to absorb and adsorb proper amounts of H2 or D2 (concentrated and/or mixed with noble gases of low thermal conductivity) and to generate thermal anomalies even at low temperatures (>200°C wire temperature),” Celani wrote. “Based on this idea, we developed a reactor with a core of sub-micrometric layered Constantan wires that produced measurable excess power and showed result with some reproducibility.”

If these claims are true Celani could be on the verge of creating a superior LENR process to Andrea Rossi’s hot e-cat. The full text of the Celani article in English is available here.

This Italian website http://www.francescocelanienergy.org/ provides a detailed description of Celani’s work. He’s apparently trying to use nonstructured wires to generate electricity with LENR. An English translation of the work can be found here.

Celani is currently working with a team of researchers none of whom I recognize at the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Rome where he has been on staff since 1976. Pictures of his lab and a poster detailing his work were posted at the International Conference on Cold Fusion held in Padua in April.

It also appears that Celani has found serious funding for his research. It is not clear if Kresenn the British company Celani was working with back  in 2012 is involved in that research or not. Kresenn’s website is still active but it only states that the company has a partnership with the Swiss organization LENR-Cities to fund and develop LENR technologies.