Industrial Heat LLC is involved in at least 12 low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) research efforts. Nor is the Raleigh, North Carolina, – based company letting its ongoing lawsuit with ecat inventor Andrea Rossi slow it down.

Industrial Heat has intensified investment in six processes; and scaled back its’ involvement in another six, owner Tom Darden said in an interview with The Triangle Business Journal. The Journal claimed that research in LENR is still going on at Raleigh’s Triangle Industrial Park.

Unfortunately none of the LENR companies or processes that Darden mentioned were identified. Darden, the CEO of hedge fund, Cherokee Investment Partners, said he feels increasingly good about cold fusion research.

“Our triaging process is working pretty well to figure out which ones we want to continue to support and which ones we don’t,” Darden said. Triage; for those who did not grow up watching MASH, is a process in battlefront hospitals in which doctors separate patients by the severity of their wounds. That means Darden feels some of the processes are more worthwhile than others.

Darden is a long time investor in green technologies including Tethis a company trying to develop next-generation diapers.

“If this works, it’s a new world from a pollution standpoint,” Darden said of his reasons for investment in LENR.

Rossi Boeing Alliance Alleged

Andrea Rossi might be working with the giant American aircraft manufacturer Boeing, e-catworld’s Frank Acland speculated. Acland based his contention on one sentence on documents filed in Rossi’s suit against Industrial Heat in federal court in Miami.

“Plaintiff’s Motion for Protective Order as to the deposition of J.M Products, Inc., United States Quantum Leap, LLC, Fulvio Fabiani, and the Boeing Company” a document was called. The Boeing Company is the organization that manufactures many of the world’s airliners including the Dreamliner, the 747 and the 707.

Boeing’s relationship with Rossi is no specified but it is not the only aircraft giant supposedly involved in LENR. Its European archrival Airbus has filed a number of cold-fusion related patents in the past.

Stay tuned folks, things in the field of LENR are getting more curious all the time.