Researchers at SRI International;  the facility formerly known as the Stanford Research Institute, have successfully replicated part of Brillouin Energy Corporation’s Hydrogen Hot Tube low energy nuclear reactor.

SRI researchers were able to generate what they call over unity amounts of heat from low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) generated by the latest version of the Hydrogen Hot Tube, a Brillouin press release states. This apparently amounts to third-party verification of at least part of Brillouin’s technology.

Hydren Hot Tube Boiler

Researchers were able to turn the Hot Tube’s LENR on and off repeatedly during nine months of extensive testing between March and December 2016. Several watts of heat with a coefficient of power (COP) of 1.2X to 1.45X were generated during the tests.

The team conducting the tests was led by Dr. Francis Tanzella, the principal investigator and Manager at SRI’s Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Program. The release did not say whether Dr. Michael McKubre, another SRI researcher who has tested LENR devices for the U.S. military’s Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) in the past was involved in the efforts. McKubre is an advisor to Brillouin who has also been linked with LENR research at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.

SRI’s full report on Brillouin’s LENR technology can be found here. It is available in PDF format is described as an Interim Progress Report.

“The systems tested and described in this report consist of three parts – cores, reactors and calorimeters,” the report states. “The cores are the reactive components of the system. The reactors provide the environment and stimulation that causes the cores to produce LENR reaction heat.”

Brillouin Admits its’ Process is LENR

The technology behind Brillouin’s latest device the Isoperibolic Hydrogen Hot Tube (IBB HHT) has been confirmed in over 50 experiments since 2010, Brillouin’s website claims. Interestingly enough Brillouin has come out of the closet and started using the terminology LENR in its press releases. In the past the company has refused to use that acronym.

Brillouin’s LENR technology uses the proprietary Q-Pulse control system to electrically stimulate nickel-metal conductors to generate low-energy nuclear reactions from a hydrogen and nickel metal catalyst. That sounds a lot like Andrea Rossi’s e-cat LENR technology.

Is Brillouin Ready to Begin Production of LENR Devices?

“By using standard industrial manufacturing processes for our reactor test systems, we have identified an engineering pathway for manufacturing Brillouin Energy’s IPB HHT™ reactor prototypes,” the company’s Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder, Roberts Godes said in the press release. Godes is the inventor of the Hydrogen Hot Tube Technology.

That sounds as if Brillouin is about to begin field testing of its devices. Stay tuned folks if this is true, it will be an exciting year for LENR. Note we should treat these claims skeptically because Brillouin’s executives have made promises about commercializing their technology that did not come true before.

Brillouin is a privately held clean-technology company based in Berkley, California. SRI International is a leading private research facility in Menlo Park, California.