Francesco Piantelli

It looks like Andrea Rossi has some competition in his homeland. Another Italian company is developing a nickel hydrogen cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction power source. Nichenergy headed by Francesco Piantelli is trying to build a reactor similar to Rossi’s energy catalyzer or e-cat.

Unfortunately very little information is available about this effort. An article by Kevmo at the American right wing website Free Republic states that Piantelli has built a device but hasn’t succeeded in generating sustained heat with it. The Free Republic article could be based on posts at E-cat World.

The device uses a nickel hydrogen reaction and seems to be based on the same theory as Rossi’s e-cat. It uses different means to create reactions and not Rossi’s catalyst. Rossi has not revealed what his catalyst is. Piantelli claims his system will be more stable and produce more power than Rossi’s when he gets it to work. Kevmo reports Piantelli is trying to develop a self sustaining cell but does not say what that is. It could refer to a power cell. NichEnergy is apparently trying to enhance the nickel hydrogen reaction to get more power.

Piantelli apparently worked with Sergio Focardi the University of Bologna Physicist who is working with Andrea Rossi. New Energy Times describes Piantelli as a retired physicist from the University of Sienna in Italy. Piantelli started the research that led to the development of the e-cat by discovering excess heat in a nickel hydrogen reaction in 1989.

New Energy Times reports that at least other scientist is trying to develop a nickel hydrogen reactor based on this research. Dr. Dennis M. Bushnell Chief Scientist of NASA’s Langley Research Center is working on a similar device. No details about Dr. Bushnell’s research are available.

Dennis M. Bushnell

Nichenergy is apparently in negotiations with an unidentified big US firm that wants to commercialize Piantelli’s process. Free Republic also reports that Nichenergy plans to sell shares to the public and has approached or been approached by large industrial firms that are interested in the process. Nichenergy does have a website but it is currently under construction.

My guess is that a number of different firms will enter the cold fusion race as word about Rossi’s energy catalyzer spreads. We are living in truly exciting times.