Defkalion has posted a little more news about its plans to commercialize a cold fusion device similar to Andrea Rossi’s ecat at its website. The company stated that it is developing a commercial prototype that will form the basis of a broad range of industrialized low energy nuclear reaction devices to be marketed under the Hyperion brand name.

Licensing of all the products is supposedly in progress. Product testing to comply with European Union safety certifications is apparently underway. The products will product between six to 30 times the power put into them. The company has previously announced that independent testing of its technology is underway.

Sterling D. Allan with the Hyperion at Defkalion HQ courtesy Pure Energy Systems

No description of the Hyperion LENR units or their capabilities has been posted on the website. Pictures of a mockup of a Hyperion have appeared online in the past. Although a spec sheet is available. Defkalion has previously announced that the Hyperion would be a heating device and could be used in industrial applications.

Defkalion claims to have three factories in Xanthi in northern Greece. Unlike Andrea Rossi it has been willing to reveal their facilities’ location and even invite people there. Interestingly enough those who’ve visited have come away impressed.

Defkalion’s business plan appears to be a combination of manufacturing and licensing. It’ll first manufacture it in Greece then license it to be sold in other countries. The names of the licensees or potential licensees have not been revealed. The website states that Defkalion now has more demand than its factories could keep up with. It’s unclear what this demand is for because the company admits that it does not have a commercially viable product.

Defklaion’s ownership has not been revealed but it is apparently owned by a holding company called Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies Ltd which is based in the island nation of Cyprus. The company in Greece Defklaion Green Technologies SA is apparently a subsidiary of the Cyprus company.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Defkalion can live up to its claims or not. Like Andrea Rossi and Brilliouin they will have to produce and market a working LENR device in order to prove their contentions. It is still unclear if they actually have the capability to do that or not.

Defkalion shut down its internet forum in February and has not posted a press release at its website since December. A blog post week last week claims the company has a team of 27 scientists working on LENR.