Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi apparently no longer owns the Leonardo Corporation, the company that will manufacture his ecat low energy nuclear reaction devices. Leonardo Corporation has apparently been sold to a “trust of investors.” Rossi continues to serve as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company. The investors have not been identified nor is it clear if Rossi retains any ownership in the company.

Rossi made this revelation in a response to Australian entrepreneur and ecat skeptic Dick Smith. Smith had offered $1 million for a test of the device. In his blog Rossi noted that he couldn’t respond to Smith because of an agreement he had signed with the investors. He also noted that he had signed legal agreements that prevent him from making disclosures about his 1MW ecat plants.

It should be noted that this could be a legal device on the part of Rossi, either to shield him from liability or to help his efforts to commercialize ecat. Rossi has announced plans to mass manufacture 10KW home ecat units and to build a robotic factory to construct them in the United States. Another possibility is that the trust could be an arrangement with venture capitalists that want to finance Rossi’s efforts. That could be why there are so many legal restrictions involved.

This is rather interesting, it is unclear if this trust of investors is related to the new American partner Rossi apparently has. The identity of the partner has not been revealed either. Rossi does have a licensing deal with a US startup called AmpEnergo.

Rossi also revealed his commercial licensing policy. Leonardo Corporation is apparently selling the companies the exclusive right to sell ecats in certain areas or territories. Most of the territories have apparently been sold but two big ones; Russia and Japan, remain unsold. He didn’t reveal what the commercial licensing involved or whether it would cover the ecat household heating units he plans to start selling this year. It is not known whether the licensees could manufacture ecats, adapt the LENR devices for other uses or simply sell the devices that Leonardo Corporation builds.

Unfortunately only organizations based in the geographic regions can buy licenses at this time. It’s also unclear whether these licenses could be sold or not. Persons interested in a license can send an email to Rossi at The price for licenses isn’t revealed but Rossi has stated it varies depending on the size of the territory.

1 MW ecat unit

The names of two ecat licensees are known: AmpEnergo which apparently owns the license for the United States and North and South America and Hydro Fusion Ltd a Swedish start up that holds the license for Northern Europe including Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. Defkalion had a licensing agreement with Rossi over the summer that fell through because of financial problems.

Hydro Fusion now has offices, at Mäster Samuelsgatan 60, 8th floor
SE-111 21 in Stockholm, Sweden, and in the UK at 79 College Road,
Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex, HA1 1BD. Phone numbers and a contact e-mail are now posted at Hydro Fusion’s website. The website also states that Hydro Fusion is headquartered in London but the address listed for the UK office is not a London address.



This picture of Hydro Fusion's Stockholm office clearly shows a Regus virtual office facility courtesy Hydro Fusion

A picture of the “office” on the Hydro Fusion website shows the reception desk of the Regus facility in Stockholm. Regus is a company that rents virtual offices and real offices. It also provides receptionists, meeting rooms and other business trappings to firms.

Rossi is also planning to hold a convention of the licensees and reveal their identities at some point. When and where this will happen is unknown. It is also unclear if this convention would be used to launch the home cat units.