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A billionaire has donated $5.5 million for cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction research at the University of Missouri. The Columbia Daily Tribune newspaper reports that the funds will be used to set up something called the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance or SKINR to be located at the university’s campus in Columbia Missouri.

The Tribune reported that the Institute’s main goal will be to see where the excess heat generated by Low Energy Nuclear Reaction experiments such as those conducted by Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi is coming from. The newspaper reported that the research will include research with hydrogen and deuterium reactions with minerals such as palladium. The research will be conducted by students and scientists from the University’s departments of physics, chemistry and engineering.

Sidney Kimmel, billionaire, fashion entreprenuer philathropist and believer in Cold Fusion courtesy Columbia Daily Tribune

The money was donated by a foundation headed by Sidney Kimmel the chairman and founder of the Jones Group an American textile company. Kimmel owns such fashion labels as Anne Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt and Nine West. He has reportedly donated more than half his money to charity.

This is apparently the largest private donation ever made to the University of Missouri. Interestingly enough the Tribune reported that Kimmel himself has never set foot on the University’s campus.

Kimmel has been involved in Cold Fusion Research efforts for quite some time. He helped finance Energetics Technology an Israeli company that has been conducting LENR research for quite some time. Energetics has a facility at a technology incubator in Columbia that is associated with the University of Missouri.

The University of Missouri’s Vice Chancellor for Research Dr. Robert Duncan has been a strong supporter of cold fusion research for quite sometime. Duncan has worked with Energetics and he became interested in LENR when the US TV network CBS asked him to investigate it for its flagship 60 Minutes news magazine. Duncan has told the media that he wants federal funding for LENR research at US universities.

Kimmel apparently decided to make the donation after seeing Duncan talking about cold fusion on 60 Minutes. The Daily Tribune did not say whether Energetics would be involved with SKINR or its work. Nor did it say what Duncan’s role would be there.

Since Andrea Rossi, Defkalion and Robert Godes of Brillouin are all searching for places to test their LENR devices they should contact the University of Missouri and Duncan. It apparently has the people, the financial resources and most importantly the open minds needed to do the job. All three organizations should also contact Sidney Kimmel to see if he might be willing to invest in their work.