The National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA (the US government’s space agency) is seriously investigating cold fusion according to the New Energy Times blog. In article posted at the blog, writer Steven B. Krivit claims NASA has gone to some lengths to investigate Andrea Rossi and Francessco Piantelli’s efforts to develop low energy nuclear reactors.

What will NASA do with cold fusion?

Krivit claims that a team from NASA and an unidentified investment group visited Andrea Rossi’s facilities in Bologna, Italy, on September 5 and 6. He states that they did not view any positive results from Rossi’s e-cat cold fusion device. Krivit also claims that representatives of NASA were planning to meet with Piantelli or representatives of his company early in September. The blog post was dated September 28 but mentioned tests on September 7. No reason for the gap of time was mentioned.

Francesco Piantelli

Piantelli is the Italian physicist whose theories and research Rossi based his e-cat work upon. Piantelli worked with Rossi’s partner Sergio Focardi on cold fusion research in the early 1990s. Piantelli has started his own company called Nichenergy and has launched an effort to develop his own cold fusion device.

Krivit’s claims cannot be verified even though he claims they were based on “multiple sources.” Since he does not identify the sources, there is no way to know whether the claims are true or not.

Krivit has reported that Dennis M. Bushnell chief scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center has been experimenting with devices based on Piantelli’s work. Piantelli does hold at least one patent on a cold fusion device.

Dennis M. Bushnell

In what could be a related development New Energy Times reported that NASA held an LENR Innovation Forum workshop at its Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 22. Krivit stated that the speakers included NASA scientists Joseph Zawodny, Gustave Fralick, Michael Nelson and Bushnell. Retired University of Illinois Professor George Miley also spoke.

At the conference, Bushnell reportedly said that NASA has been conducting cold fusion experiments at Langley for three or four years. He said the only reason why the US hasn’t done more work on cold fusion is lack of courage.

Krivit also reported that Samantha McRoseky an analyst with Diligence Global Business Intelligence had contacted him and asked about information on nickel hydrogen cold fusion. Krivit said McRoseky had told him she represented an anonymous investor. Diligence Global Business Intelligence is a sort of private intelligence agency that gathers information on a variety of subjects for its clients. It is unclear if this is related to any of the ongoing work on cold fusion. It is possible that McRoseky represented some of Andrea Rossi’s investors.