A British startup company called Kresenn Ltd is apparently conducting Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) research with Italian physicist Dr. Francessco Celani.

Francesco Celani

Kresenn’s website states that Celani is developing a test reactor that will use a completely new catalyst. The catalyst is not identified but in the past Celani has claimed to have achieved nickel hydrogen LENR reactions in his work. The reactor will apparently be of a new design. No specific use for the reactor is mentioned nor is any specific work on it detailed.

The site mentions that the company’s first product will be a container based power module that will be used to power datacenters and other facilities. This sounds a lot like Andrea Rossi’s 1 megawatt ecat unit.

The website also states that Kresenn is trying to develop a unified theory that will explain LENR. The theory will be based on nanomangetism, ultrathin films and nanostrcutures. This sounds a lot like the NANOR device from Jet Energy that has been demonstrated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States.

Kresenn states it is the link between data centers and energy. That means it could be developing an LENR generator for server farms. Server farms are major users of electricity.

Kresenn is planning to open a laboratory in the United Kingdom to study LENR. The website doesn’t say where this laboratory would be located. Kresenn’s address is One Bell Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, 6L6 1BU. It is not clear if this will be the location of the lab or not. It is also unclear if Celani will be working in this laboratory. Celani apparently lives and works in Rome. One possibility is that this laboratory will test Celani’s device and commercialize it.

Kresenn is planning to offer scholarships to persons with backgrounds in physics or chemistry that are interested in doing LENR research. It is particularly interested in hiring somebody that has experience with transition metals.

The website lists Kresenn’s chief executive officer as Angelo Ovidi MBCS, Mr. Ovidi is a data center architect. He studied business management at Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, CO, USA, and Computer Engineering at the University of Pisa in Italy. The Chief Operating Officer is Massimo Mongardini. His background is in Linux Systems and Network Administration. He has collaborated with CERN in the past. It looks like commercial LENR efforts like those detailed below are becoming common.

It isn’t clear what funding Kresenn has or if it is connected to Cold Fusion Energy Inc. the international consortium of cold fusion scientists that Celani is associated with. Nor is there evidence that it is working with other members such as Peter Hagelstein.

Hopefully Kresenn has the funding to do some serious research. It is exciting to see all of these startups in LENR in so many different countries. The more research in to this power source we have going on the better.