CERN or the European Organization for Nuclear Research the world’s top organization for high energy physics research is planning a conference to discuss Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) or cold fusion. This is definitely an exciting development because CERN (the French acronym for the group) has long been a bastion of hot fusion and fission research.

A message advertising a CENR Colloquium (a fancy word for conference) on the Overview of Theoretical and Experimental Progress in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions has appeared on the organization’s website. The meet up will be held on March 22 in the Council Chamber at CERN’s facilities in Zurich, Switzerland. The CERN website also mentions that the meeting will be webcast. The meeting will be held between 14:30 and 17:30 PM local time (2:30-5:30 in the afternoon for us English speakers).

The event will review progress on LENR since March 1989 on research into thermal/nuclear anomalies associated with forced interactions of hydrogen isotopes in non-equilibrium conditions with pure or alloyed materials. It mentions nickel and platinum in parentheses. This sure sounds like the organization is actually planning a serious discussion on LENR.

Francesco Celani courtesy 22 Passi

One of the hosts for the event will be Francessco Celani. On December 14, 2011, Celani told a group at the Coherence 2011 Cold Fusion Conference in Rome that he had achieved low energy nuclear reactions in his laboratory. Celani’s interest in Cold Fusion is well known he is a member of Cold Fusion Energy Inc. the consortium of scientists working to commercialize LENR.

Celani is definitely part of the scientific establishment he works at Italy’s National Institute of Nuclear Physics (that nation’s equivalent of Los Alamos or Fermi Lab). He is also Vice President of the International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Sciences. Andrea Rossi has described Celani as a competitor and declined his requests to examine the ecat device.

Celani’s cohost will be Yogendra Srivastava, according to Google he is an emeritus professor in particle physics at Northwestern University in Chicago. He has worked at the Italian DAFNE facility and holds a PhD from Indiana University.

Yogendra Srivastava

CERN’s involvement in LENR is important because among other things it operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Its focus is basic science in the nuclear area. CERN has the resources of twenty European countries so it could certainly bring a lot of money and resources to bear on this issue. Hopefully this is the start of serious cold fusion research at the organization.

Since CERN’s focus is on basic research its’ involvement could do a lot of good and bring respectability to LENR. There’s no word on whether Sergio Focardi or Guisseppe Levi have been invited to the conference. Nor has anybody said if there would be an apology for Pons and Fleischman there.

CERN Headquarters in Geneva Switzerland

It is interesting to note that this is taking place at the same time as all the commercial work into LENR is getting media exposure. One has to wonder if CERN like NASA feels it is being left in the dust by private researchers and is planning catch up.

This story was located at the Cold Fusion Now website which is turning into a really good resource for intelligent discussion and news about LENR. Unlike some other sites it ignores the sensational efforts of self proclaimed skeptics and concentrates on news.