Defkalion Green Technologies which moved its headquarters to Canada last year has entered into a joint venture with an Italian company called Moses Ltd. The joint venture called Defkalion Europe will be based in Milan and sell an new industrial version of Defkalion’s Hyperion low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device called the R5.

Defkalion's original Hyperion Mockup and what might be the new R5 reactor courtesy NextMe


The Italian blog Nextme reported that the R5 will produce 4.5 kilowatts of heat and temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius (1112 Fahrenheit). If that is true the R5 would be able to heat water temperatures needed to produce steam to power turbines for the generation of electricity. Unfortunately Nextime provides no proof of these claims.

The blog also mentions another nickel hydrogen LENR reactor called the R6 but doesn’t provide details about that. Although it indicates that the two devices have the same capacity. Defkalion claimed to have produced a working LENR device at its facility in Xanthi, Greece, last year but never provided any proof. The reactors will apparently operate for up to six months without requiring a recharge. The final product of the reaction is apparently copper.

The Nextme Blog reported the reactor might be able to generate higher temperatures but the research team will need new materials for further testing. These revelations indicate that Defkalion has closed its Xanthi facility and opened a new facility in Milan. The blog doesn’t say whether the company is using a new research team or not. Some of the wording on the blog indicates that Defkalion may have succeeded in copying Andrea Rossi’s special catalyst or secret sauce that makes his e-Cat run. Defkalion spokesmen have claimed they have copied the secret sauce in the past.

It is interesting to note that at least one other big name LENR researcher: Francesco Piantelli is operating in Milan. There is no indication of any sort of connection or deal between Piantelli and Defkalion.

The company moved its operations or at least its headquarters to Vancouver, British Columbia, last summer and has remained pretty quiet ever since. Defkalion’s website is currently being updated and provides no additional information. It does list three addresses for the company:

Street View of Defkalion's corporate headquarters in Vancouver as you can see it's a shop. Courtesy Google Maps.

  • The main corporate office at 1140 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC Canada, V6B 2X6.
  • A European Research and Development Center at 5 via Bastia, Milano (Milan), 20139 Italy.
  • A “Greece liaison Office” at 3 Xanthou Street, Glyfada, 16674, Greece.
  • A Cyprus Office at 3 Makarios III Avenue, Loukaides Court Fourth Floor, Messa Geitona, Limassol 4000, Cyprus.

Street view of the area of Defkalion’s R&D Center in Milan, as you can see it looks a warehouse courtesy Google Maps

According to Google Earth a building called the New Oxford is located 1140 Homer Street. I cannot tell if this houses corporate offices or not but a photo clearly shows a shop of some sort. It could be a post office box store. 5 Via Privata Bastia in Milano is apparently a warehouse located in what looks like a dingy old industrial neighborhood. Glyfada is a port town south of Athens. No street view of that address was available. Google Earth couldn’t even find the address in Cyprus. Google wasn’t able to locate any websites for Moses Ltd. or Defkalion Europe.

Stay tuned it looks like Defkalion is up to something. Unfortunately I cannot tell what.