The Swedish science and technology publication Ny Teknik is reporting that Defkalion plans to unveil its products to the public tomorrow. Defkalion Green Technologies is the Greek company that had an agreement with Andrea Rossi. Rossi broke off the agreement in July and has alleged that Defkalion did not live up to the promises it had made to him.

Andrea Rossi, Alexandros Xanthoulis and Christopher Stremmenos a Greek physcist at the June 23 Defaklion Press Conference Rossi has since broken with the Greek company

An article from Ny Teknik reporter Mats Lewan states that Defkalion is planning to unveil its Hyperion product which is supposed to be a cold fusion device similar to Rossi’s e-cat. Rossi started selling e-cat last month. Defkalion has stated its device could be used for home heating something Rossi hasn’t put out yet.

Despite the news report the Defkalion website does not mention any sort of demonstration.

Lewan also reported that Defkalion is offering licenses for Hyperion production for 40.5 million Euros a factory. That would be around $54 million in US money.

In his article Lewan also stated that Defkalion boss Alexandros Xanthoulis had told him that he the formula for Rossi’s secret catalyst. Lewan reported that Xanthoulis had revealed on August 5th that scientists from the University of Sienna had examined an e-cat with a spectroscope and learned the secret. He said it would take about three months to copy it.

This could be the reason that Rossi became so upset with Defkalion and pulled the plug on his deal with them. Interestingly enough the University of Sienna is where Francessco Piantelli an astrophycist who first discovered the nickel hydrogen reaction Rossis is using in e-cat worked. Piantelli later did research with Sergio Focardi Rossi’s research partner. There has been speculation that Piantelli is working with Defaklion. Piantelli has reportedly formed his own company and is developing his own cold fusion device.

The Greek publication Tovima published an article and interview with Xanthoulis in which he said the device debuted on November 30 would be a purely Greek invention. Developing.