Greek low energy nuclear reaction pioneer Defkalion Green Technologies is advertising for twenty new positions. The job openings have been posted on the company’s website and were sent to some LENR media outlets.

This seems to indicate that Defkalion feels competent enough to go ahead with development and manufacture of its Hyperion LENR heating device. Defkalion is developing Hyperion as a home heating and water heating system. They also have plans to license their technology to other companies. Uses would include industrial applications and at some point in the future generation of electricity.

Recent reports indicate that Defkalion will unveil a prototype in July and market LENR units in Europe at some point in the near future. The company is trying to get certification from the European Union so it can sell its products for home use.

The job postings also seem to indicate that Defkalion is ready to build a robotic factory to produce its units. The factory and the jobs would be located at the company’s facilities in Xianthi in Northern Greece where it is performing LENR tests.

Positions that Defkalion is working for include:

  • One robotics engineer
  • One project manager
  • Two training engineers
  • Two product development specialist
  • One design engineer
  • Three mechanical engineers
  • Two development engineers
  • Two electrical engineers
  • One systems engineer
  • Two application engineers
  • One chemical engineer
  • Two laboratory measurement operators
  • One information and network engineer

Persons interested in working at Defkalion can email their resume to

A robotic arm

This is very exciting news indeed Low Energy Nuclear Reaction is creating real jobs for real people in a lousy economy. The economy in Greece is among the worst in the world right now according to news reports. Actual people are going to be able to pay bills and feed families from it. More importantly it looks like Defkalion’s management team thinks that they can actually develop a workable product.

Another interesting fact here it looks like Defkalion has a lot of money from somewhere. They seem to be in a position to pay the salaries of a lot of high-educated professionals. That is hardly the behavior of a group of con artists. It is the action of a start up company intent on developing a new product and bringing it to market.