A lot more detail is emerging about Defkalion Green Technologies’ Hyperion Low Energy Nuclear reaction heating device. Long time alternative energy enthusiast Sterling D. Allan of the Pure Energy Systems blog just traveled the company’s offices in Greece to inspect their work.

Allan braved civil unrest in Greece that included riots to see the work going on there. Even though he has a close association with Andrea Rossi Allan was very impressed with Hyperion and Defkalion which is planning to begin third party testing of its device soon. Among other things he noted:

  • The Hyperion is a 5-45 kilowatt modular heat reactor. That means it can produce between five and 45 kilowatts of heat.
  • The device will require refueling every six months much like ecat will.

Allan reports that testing of Hyperion by the Greek government will begin next week. That will be followed by testing of the device by six other independent organizations. He noted that each group will test the devices for 48 hours and compare their operations to a control. Allan did not reveal who the other groups will be.

That’s very exciting because as far as I know it will be the first public independent testing of LENR devices. It is also good to see a government involved in this kind of work. The testers will be able to use their own measuring equipment which is another hopeful sign.

Sterling D. Allan with the Hyperion at Defkalion HQ courtesy Pure Energy Systems

Allan was able to see the Hyperion test device up and running. He reported that it had a test chamber and a reaction chamber. He noted that Defkalion’s scientists have found that gamma radiation is coming from the chamber which indicates that a nuclear reaction is taking place. The device will be shielded to protect users from the radiation.

Defkalion is apparently able to control this reaction which is what allows it make heat. That could indicate that they have some understanding of what is going inside the device.

Allan also noted that Defkalion is planning to announce the awarding of 18 licenses which would allow companies to manufacture and sell its technology. Each license will cost about 40.5 million Euros which is around $53 million apiece in US money. That means the contracts could be worth $954 million or nearly $1 billion US. It would around €729 in Europe so Defkalion could have a lot of money to play around with if the plan works out.

Allan reported that Defkalion is planning to go public and issue stock. He said Defkalion executives had told him that they are planning an initial public offering which means they will be public. He didn’t state what exchange they will be traded on.There is no date for this or the release of the Hyperion device to the public, although Defkalion has apparently completed all of the required safety testing on the device.

Some basic facts about Hyperion include:

The device has 9 reactors in it.

  • The reaction chambers can produce temperatures of up to 900 degrees Celsius that is more than enough temperature to produce steam to run a steam engine.
  • The reaction begins at 450 degrees Celsius.
  • The device uses oil to transfer heat to make it useful.

Alexandros Xanthoulis

Hyperion CEO Alexandros Xanthoulis told Allan that the Nickel Age is about to begin. Kudos to Mr. Allan for having an open mind and having the courage to go to Greece and investigate this important story that the so called journalists in the mainstream media refuse to have anything to do with!!