Andrea Rossi has announced that he has begun sales of what he calls 1 megawatt e-cat cold fusion units. The first was sold to the mysterious American buyer for whom he conducted the October 28, test in Bologna. This buyer has not been identified yet but it is apparently not AmpEnergo.

The Cryptogen blog which covers US military agencies is speculating that the buyer was the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA which develops new technologies for the Pentagon. There is no evidence behind these claims but it does seem to make some sense the United States Navy has been involved in Cold Fusion research for some time.

Interestingly enough the e-cat failed to generate 1 MW worth of heat as Rossi hoped. He was able to create a sustained reaction for five and a half hours which generated about 470 KW worth of heat or less than half of what was planned. Posts on Rossi’s blog indicate that he expended more energy than he generated in the test. Video of the event showed that a large diesel powered generator was needed to fire up the e-cat.

Despite the lackluster result Rossi has promised that home e-cat generators would be available in one to two years. He did not say how much they would cost or who would make them.

Still despite the skeptics it looks like Rossi did have a successful test and demonstrate that a sustained reaction is possible. The reaction did not live up to his promises. People who think this is some sort of scam need to present some more evidence. If it is a scam why isn’t Rossi collecting money from all the true believers?

All Rossi seems to be guilty of is being a bad businessman and making premature statements. Too many people seem to be guilt of wishful thinking with regards to the e-cat. Expecting Rossi to be able to create a technology capable of replacing fossil fuels from this was like expecting the Wright Brothers to fly the Atlantic in 1903. (It took about twenty years for an airplane to cross the Atlantic and no it wasn’t Lindbergh as a lot of people think it was the US Army).

Rossi seems to be on the right track but he’s still in the early stages. Still it will be interesting to see who will be buying units of a technology that is still in the R&D stage. DAPRA would be a likely candidate because their business is researching new technology. Among other things DAPRA invented a project called the internet. Other possibilities include other energy companies such as Brillouin (which is developing a device similar to e-cat and has venture capital backing) and Google which is interested in experimental energy technology.

Despite what the conspiracy theorists and America haters out there will say DAPRA buying e-cat is a good thing. It has the deep pockets to develop and deploy the technology and the clout to resist political attacks on e-cat. Which are sure to come especially from the fake environmentalists or Greenwashers who are on the payrolls of Big Coal and Big Oil. Also I might note that DAPRA would be in a position to inform President Obama and the Department of Energy about E-cat and strong arm them into supporting it. I.E. how are they going to keep e-cat out of Joe Sixpack’s hands if it is safe enough for the Army to use in its’ tanks.

There are also some good articles about e-cat out there right now including a great one from Mark Gibbs at Forbes who seems to be the only person in the major US media to have noticed this story. Also Pure Energy Systems has a long report on the results of the October 28 test. This about the most complete rundown I’ve seen yet on the technical details.