Andrea Rossi thinks that his Leonardo Corporation could begin shipping the world’s first low energy nuclear reaction powered heating and cooling system for home use in August. In a blog post dated January 10, the Italian-American inventor stated that he is engineering the factory to produce heating fusors.

Rossi did not say where the factory would be located. He has a research facility and a factory for construction of larger 1 mega watt units in Bologna, Italy but has stated the smaller home e-cats would be produced in the United States. The home e-cat unit would produce about 10 kilowatts of heat. Rossi has stated that it will use a heat pump to warm homes in the winter and cool them in the summer.

The factory will be robotized to reduce costs, Rossi revealed. He also stated the price could be lower than expected. Rossi has stated that the price would be around $1,500 US around £978 in the United Kingdom or €1,176 in the European Union. Rossi did not say what the lower price would be.

Rossi and Guisseppe Levi with the 1MW Unit in Bologna

He stated that the Leonardo Corporation would start making order confirmations in the fall. That means the units could be shipped to retailers or distributors in August.

Rossi also stated that he is working with “top level partners” but did not say who they were. The only confirmed partners Rossi is working with are the American startup AmpEnergo whose executives have stated they are not interested in heating and the Swedish start up Hydro Fusion which operates the website.

Artists Concept of What an E-cat Home Heater might look like

The home e-cat would be able to heat
about 100 square meters or 1,000 square yards of space. This means it could heat the average home or shop. That also means two or three e-cats might have to be hooked together to heat a larger home. American and Canadian houses are generally much larger than those in Europe. He didn’t say whether it might heat a larger area using a steam or hot water heating system. Rossi has stated that e-cats would be designed to fit any existing heating system.

Rossi also revealed that the home heating units will use a completely different technology from the 1MW plant which utilizes a large number of small e-cat units hooked together. He also stated that the smaller plants will not be able to provide the economy of scale of the larger units. The coefficient of performance of the e-cat heater will always be 6 Rossi stated.

It should be noted that Rossi has not revealed what the home e-cat will look like and has not unveiled it publicly yet. He has said that it is being used to heat his facility in Bologna and his house there.

Nor did Rossi reveal who has purchased the 1 megawatt e-cat unit he unveiled in October. He stated he has a confidentiality agreement in place with his customer that prevents him from revealing its name.

Rossi also stated how his technology will change the world:

• Andrea Rossi
January 8th, 2012 at 5:34 PM
Dear Riccardo DG:
Everybody able to work with us will be welcome This will be a revolution, and, as I said already, a revolution must be popular to survive.
Warm Regards,

Rossi’s approach to invention and research development could be as revolutionary as his technology is. This could the first truly open sourced technology revolution.