Rossi Presents ecat results in Zurich on September 8

The failure of Andrea Rossi’s ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device to perform to specifications has halted one of the biggest investments in LENR yet publicized. The Swedish magazine NyTeknik reported that an unidentified group of Swedish investors was prepared to invest up to 65 million Swedish Kronors or SEK the national Currency of Sweden (which is around $10 million US  or 7.6 million Euros) in the Northern European ecat licensee Hydro Fusion (update: we initially reported the investment was in Euros rather than Kronors because we assumed the investment was in Euros because NyTek mentioned no currency).

The investors had the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute measure ecat output on September 6 in Bologna and apparently found that ecat wasn’t putting out any more energy than it was drawing in electrical power. That would indicate it wasn’t generating power. After seeing these results from an independent tester the investors apparently withdrew.

This doesn’t mean ecat is a failure merely that its performance did not impress the investors. It should be noted here that a conman would not have let independent testers examine his technology. Perhaps once again Rossi is making premature announcements about his technology.

It is unclear what was tested but this sounds like the first time ecat was given an outside test and it flunked. Interestingly enough this report contradicts a measurement report that Rossi presented at his E-cat conference in Zurich, Switzerland, on September 9.

Rossi presented what he claims are third party results that verify that the ecat can generate temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Celsius. Rossi has presented a letter  from a Nuclear Engineering Specialist named Fabio Penon that verifies his claims. The report on Rossi’s claims can be found here for those who want to take a look at it. Since the Swedish investors presumably saw this it is safe to assume it didn’t convince them.

If the Swedish investment had gone through it would have been one of the largest investments in LENR research so far. One of Rossi’s competitors Brillouin has apparently $20 million worth of funding to develop and test its hot boiler technology. One wonders what the wealthy Swedes will do with their money now. Perhaps they’ll look up Francesco Cellani, Francesco Piantelli or Brillouin and fund some of their work.

For those of you who are interested in full reports about the ecat conference are available online.