The electric grid the network of power plants, power lines, substations, transformers and other infrastructure that supplies the United States with power is in serious trouble. The problems the grid is facing will drive the adoption of diffused or off-grid electricity generation and drive the development new energy sources such as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR).

Some recent news stories underscore what’s wrong with the grid even if they don’t necessarily provide any solutions. These stories include:

  • There is a strong possibility that the entire grid could be disrupted or even knocked out by the destruction, breakdown or sabotage of just nine electric substations. That means a disaster such as an earthquake or a large storm could knockout power all over the United States, Canada and Mexico. People thousands of miles away from the catastrophe could lose electricity. That gloomy scenario comes from a recent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission study according to The Wall Street Journal.


  • At least one utility company CEO David Crane of NRG Energy thinks the grid is obsolete and will largely disappear in the near future. In a recent op-ed Crane who heads up a power company actually wrote:


“In just a few years, Americans will soon produce the majority of the power they consume at their home or office, primarily through distributed solar arrays on their roof or over their driveways or parking lots.”

The Beacon 10 Home Energy Appliance

  • NRG Energy is bringing out a device called a home energy appliance which was invented by Dean Kamen the genius behind the Segway Scooter. The home energy appliance or Beacon 10 consists of a natural gas burning heater that generates 10 kilowatts of electricity through a Stirling hot air engine, a set of photovoltaic panels capable of generating 5 kilowatts of electricity and a battery backup system. It sounds as if the Beacon 10 could easily be adapted to run off an LENR device, like Andrea Rossi’s hot ecat it can also be used as a furnace and a hot water heater.


  • In the month of January 2014, electricity costs all over the United States hit a record high according to the Energy Information Administration even as the supply of electricity in the US actually fell to a lower level than in 2007.


  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that electricity costs went up faster than other energy costs. Electricity prices are rising at a rate that’s double that of other energy costs. Motley Fool writer Justin Loiseau noted that electricity costs were so high that they actually caused the Consumer Price Index (the US government’s measurement of the cost of living) to go up by 1.8%.

It looks like the electric grid is both inefficient and costly. So it’s easy to see why investors like the Cherokee Group are so interested in LENR devices. The market for alternative energy is there. All we need is the technology to meet the need.