It looks like there will be a huge market for cold fusion powered electric generators. Even though the media has paid little attention to it, the world seems to be in the midst of an electricity shortage. The shortages seem to be just as likely to occur in advanced industrialized nations and in “developing” countries.

Some recent news stories include:

Electricity shortages in Texas caused by use of air conditioning during a recent heat wave in that state. The San Antonio Express newspaper reported that officials were asking people to stop using appliances and computers during the day to conserve electricity.

Rolling blackouts in Japan caused by the shut down of nuclear power plants after the Tsunami in March. The New York Times reports that 11% of Japan’s electric power generation is now offline. The Wall Street Journal reports that the problem will get worse as more nuclear plants shut down.

Widespread power shortages in Central China caused by a lack of water to generate hydroelectric power.

• A dismal situation in Iraq where the average person has four to five hours a day of electricity according to Al Jazeera.

Electricity shortages have been reported in other countries including Venezuela, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe to name a few. These news stories indicate that the power grid is no longer reliable in large areas of the world including parts of the United States.

That situation will greatly increase the demand for devices that families and businesses can use to generate their own electricity. Many factories in Japan are shutting down because of power outages. The e-cat would be the perfect solution because it could serve as both a generator and a source of heat. It could heat a factory and generate enough steam to make electricity to run it.

The demand for this device looks to be huge, so it seems Andrea Rossi is demonstrating it at the right time. The only question will be can production keep up with the demand for the e-cat?