Swedish professor Hanno Essen one of the scientists involved in the March ecat Test has finally responded to questions about the test. He also said that more testing is scheduled in around six months.

Several websites have published what they claim to be Essen’s responses to a number of questions on a Polish chemistry bulletin board. Note there is no evidence that these responses actually came from Essen or not.

Essen made a few interesting points about the testing:

  • The quantity of nickel used in the ecat is very small the “charge” that creates the reaction is only about .3 grams in weight.
  • Essen admitted that he doesn’t know what the inside of the ecat reactor looks like or how the reactor works.
  • He found no evidence that additional electrical current was being fed into the device. Although no tests were done to detect direct current which could have created the heat Essen and his colleagues detected.
  • Essen thinks that the nickel charge inside the device melted although he has no proof of this.

Hot ecat being tested

Essen also described the inside of the ecat as an industrial secret which he was not privy too. That might mean Rossi doesn’t know how it works or that the device would be fairly easy to copy. Since Rossi hasn’t worked all the bugs out yet he might afraid that somebody else could open up the ecat, copy his technology, perfect the process and patent it then make the money from it.

Essen said that Giuseppe Levi provided the equipment used in the testing. Essen also admitted that the testers could have done a better job.

There will be a six month test in Ferrara at some point this year. Essen promised that test will be monitored closely by webcams and fed live over the internet. He didn’t give a date for the test if it would be six months after the March test it would held in September or October. Andrea Rossi has not confirmed this claim.

Essen also said that testing in Sweden is a possibility but he didn’t say when or where that would occur. Essen’s comments indicate that Rossi is reluctant to send the ecat to Sweden possibly because of concerns that his designs could be stolen in an outside test.

Essen isn’t the only person in Sweden standing by the ecat ELFORSK AB a research organization associated with the Swedish energy industry that financed the testing which was done by scientists from Uppsala University and Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden’s equivalent of MIT) is happy with the results. A press release from the organization stated: “The measurements show that the catalyst produces significantly more energy than can be explained by ordinary chemical reactions. The results are very remarkable. What lies behind the extraordinary heat production cannot be explained today.”

Elforsk’s release indicates that the test was done by real scientists and that they did detect something. Unfortunately nobody seems to be listening. Some Americans are trying to correct that.

LENR Petition Created

A group of LENR enthusists including Sterling Allen has created a petition that asks President Obama to create a National Commission to study Low Energy Nuclear Reaction and devices like ecat. So far only 91 people have signed the petition. They’re aiming for 100,000 signatures. Still it is a step in the right direction. The petition points out the absurdity of spending $393 million a year on hot fusion for 40 years and achieving no results while ignoring other technologies.

His attention might be needed

If a large number of voters sign the petition we will get some action. Hopefully somebody with a national audience such as James Martinez will pick up on this and start promoting it. Anything that calls politicians’ attention to LENR can help at this point in time.