Construction work at the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy Research in Saudi Arabia

There would be a market for low energy nuclear reaction power generation systems even in Saudi Arabia. Like the rest of the world the oil-rich desert kingdom is apparently desperate for an alternative to fossil fuels.

The Saudi government is planning to spend $100 billion in an attempt to generate one third of the country’s electricity by solar power within twenty years according to the Reuters news agency. The reason that the Saudis are doing this is obvious they now burn 700,000 barrels of oil a day to generate electricity. The Saudis have no natural or coal only oil. In other words they’re literally burning money they could be making selling that oil to make electricity.

This obvious creates a tremendous opportunity for LENR and other alternative energy systems. Currently the Saudis are looking at solar but they would be better served by LENR. LENR could also be used to provide heat to process oil in Saudi Arabia, to desalinate water (which is in short supply in Saudi Arabia) and to cool Saudi homes, offices, businesses and mosques. It could provide tremendous savings to that Kingdom’s people.

This news also undermines some popular conspiracy theories. Far from trying to suppress alternative energies the oil producers are desperate for them just like the rest of us.

I have to wonder have Defkalion, Andrea Rossi, Brilliouin, Cold Fusion Energy Inc., George Miley and others contacted the Saudi government or the Saudi royal family? The Saudis certainly need energy and they have the money to spend to make LENR work. They also have the political clout to overcome opposition. The Saudis want to develop an alternative energy industry so this could benefit them. Perhaps some of the new LENR research could be done there or a test plant built there.

Solar Array in Saudi Arabia

The Saudis are apparently very serious about alternative energy they now have a whole city devoted to it. It’s called the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy Research. It goes by the acronym KA-CARE.

It also raises another interesting question: is Saudi Arabia or KA-CARE the mysterious customer for Rossi’s first 1 megawatt ecat heat generator. Are the Saudis the mysterious investors who apparently now control Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation? Rossi now seems to have enough money to be able to test Siemens turbines. Could they also be involved in Defkalion which seems to have plenty of cash despite Greece’s apparent financial woes? It’s an interesting question.

This news also indicates that the energy shortage is worse than we think. It could lend truth to the speculation that Saudi Arabia is close to running out of oil or at least low on it. If the Saudis who have some of the world’s largest oil reserves are getting serious about conservation it’s time for the rest of us to get worried. It’s obvious that fossil fuels may not be as reliable as the oil industry and its propagandists want us to think.

Shortages of electricity are already disrupting production of minerals such as copper. They could soon disrupt oil production as well and cause higher oil prices and hardships for average people all over the world. LENR could prevent that from happening if oil producers like Saudi Arabia were to adopt it.