Recent posts at Andrea Rossi’s blog indicate that he may have lost control or some control over his ecat low energy nuclear reaction device and his Leonardo Corporation. Last week in response to questions about Dick Smith’s millionaire challenge Rossi admitted he couldn’t take the challenge because his company has apparently been sold to a trust of investors.

Andrea Rossi

Rossi stated that even though he was CEO but he would have to check with the trust’s lawyers to see if he could accept Smith’s offer. Now in a response to a poster Rossi admits that he has dropped his deal with the US electronics company National Instruments because the investors have made arrangements with another supplier. Rossi doesn’t say who the supplier is.

This could be an indication that the investors are not Americans or have links to some other large electronics company. It would be nice if Rossi revealed who they are. An intriguing possibility is the Chinese government or one of the companies that it and its military the People’s Liberation Army own.

When somebody named Iggy Dalrimple (nope not making that up it was the name he used) asked if any of the stockholders were a well known venture capitalist or a well-known corporation. Rossi said simply no comment. This seems to indicate that Iggy’s knowledge of business is limited. To issue stock Rossi’s company would have to be publicly traded as far as I know it is not. Leonardo Corp is apparently a private company which gives the owners total control.

When asked who owns his technology Rossi had this to say:

Andrea Rossi

February 22nd, 2012 at 6:42 AM

Dear Daniele:
All the tech is in an escrow to which will have access some persons just in case.
F.T. process has nothing to do.
Warm Regards,

This would seem to indicate some kind of venture capital deal. Rossi is still playing things very close to the vest. When asked about putting photos of his new robotized ecat factory on the web Rossi didn’t want to do so because the Puppeteers would unleash their snakes and make it hard for him to work in peace. Note Rossi hasn’t identified who the Puppeteers or the snakes are although he alleges that Steven Krivit is one of the snakes.

Still it would be interesting to know who the Puppeteers are and who the investors’ trust is. It is also interesting to note that Defkalion has revealed where it’s factory is.

A final thought about Dick Smith’s millionaire challenge here. The details of it I’ve seen on line are that he wants to pay $1 million if an LENR device generates heat for six hours straight under its own power. That doesn’t seem like much time to me. To be a useful power source such a device would have to run for several months or weeks. Both Rossi and Defkalion will have to do this if they hope to sell their technology.