Andrea Rossi with Antollea Spotti Basil of Science Fiction Courier courtesy Science Fiction Courier

Two very interesting interviews reveal a lot more about Andrea Rossi the man, his philosophy, his business and his ecat low energy nuclear reaction technology. Rossi has also taken some time out to address his controversial past and the criminal charges that arose from his attempt to commercialize his process for making oil from waste at an Italian company called Petroldragon.

In a short and very unusual interview Antollea Spotti Basil of the Italian magazine Science Fiction Courier was able to dig out some interesting details. Andrea Rossi is apparently married and his wife is an economist. He wouldn’t reveal her name. Note Italian journalism doesn’t seem to translate into English every well so its hard to say what this really said.

Rossi also admitted that he has hired a public relations agency that is promoting the ecat. He didn’t reveal the name of the agency He said the campaign was directed largely at women. He didn’t reveal any details of the campaign.

Rossi gave a far more in depth to interview to a left-wing Canadian internet radio show called West Coast Truth hosted by Russell Scott. Scott asked a lot of good questions and Rossi answered them although he is hard to understand. From what he said in the interview I gathered that Rossi has a very hard time understanding English.

Rossi said he has been interested in alternative energy for many years. He said was one of the major problems facing the human race. He first tried to develop a process to make oil out of organic waste and biomass and succeeded. Rossi succeeded in creating a company called Petrodragon and building a refinery to commercialize his process.

He said his efforts failed because the Camorra a mafia type criminal organization based in Naples was taking over the waste business in Italy. Rossi said the Camorra and its friends in government didn’t like his competition so they put him out of business by framing him for crimes he didn’t commit and sending to jail. Rossi has created a website that explains his side of the story. Among other things they shut him down because he was storing waste without the proper permit. Rossi also alleged that the Camorra is now dumping the waste right into the Mediterranean.

“I am not happy to talk about this,” Rossi said of his experiences. “I lost the work of three generations of my family in that area.”

Yet he said Petrodragon was a good experience because his time in jail gave him an opportunity to think about LENR and devise ecat.  He said God may have used the experience to get him to work on LENR. He said he was inspired to work on cold fusion by Pons and Fleischman but admitted he was unable to duplicate their experiments.

Rossi then made some interesting revelations about the ecat. He said the device can turn 400 watts of electricity into 1500 watts. He also said the device doesn’t violate the first law of thermodynamics because it turns matter into energy. Rossi also claimed that an ecat could convert one gram of matter into 23,000 megawatt hours of electricity or 23 million watts of electricity.

Rossi also made the interesting claim that an ecat could run for 23 years without being recharged. He said he had designed the home model to be recharged every six months for safety reasons.

Russell Scott Courstey West Coast Truth Network

Rossi told Scott that the ecat is very safe because his nickel hydrogen low energy nuclear reaction process only works with powdered nickel. If the device overheats the nickel becomes solid and it shuts down. He compared that reaction to a car running out of gas.

Once again Rossi said the first generation ecat is ready to go to market. He said he was waiting on certification and admitted that the ecat would be a heating a device only. Rossi said the ecat would an attachment you could put on any existing heating system.

“This will only be for heat,” Rossi said. “The first generation will only be for heat.”

The home ecat will cost between $600 and $1,000 US and it would save an American living in a northern city like Boston around $1,000 a year so it would pay for itself. Once again Rossi presented no actual proof of his claims such as a working ecat device.

It seems we’re getting to know a little more about the man and his motivations but not enough but him. I for one would like to see an actual working ecat device rather than more interviews.