Two interesting interviews have shed a lot of light on recent developments in the field of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). Dr. Michael McKubrbe of SRI International who will oversee the testing of Brillouin’s hot boiler technology at that institution had a lengthy chat with Pure Energy System’s Sterling D. Allen between National Instruments’ NIWeek and the 17th Annual International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF) in Korea.

LENR Pioneers at NIWeek on August 5 in Austin Texas, From Left to Right: Alexandros Xanthoulis, founder of Defkalion Green technologies; Frank Gorden (SPAWAR); Andrea Aparo (Ansaldo Energia); Peter Hagelstein; Dr. James G Truchard (CEO National Instruments); Michael McKubre (Stanford Research Institute); Robert Godes (Brillouin Energy); Stefano Concezzi (Big Science Director of National Instruments); Robert Duncan (University of Missouri) courtesy Pure Energy Systems

McKubre said that Brillouin will soon deliver a device to SRI for his organization to test. He said it could be delivered to his laboratory in Menlo Park, California, as early as this week. Once McKubre and his fellow eggheads get done with the technology he said it will be handed off to what he called world scale engineering companies. McKubre did not identify those companies.

McKubre said that he knows of six companies that are working to bring Cold Fusion to market. The only one of them he identified was Brillouin which he’s been working with for years. McKubre also stated that he thinks nobody will be able to monopolize the cold fusion market instead there will be different devices in different niches.

McKubre also announced that next year’s ICCF will be held at the University of Missouri in Columbia Missouri. This is where Dr. Robert Duncan is organizing the Sidney Kimmel Institute for a Nuclear Renaissance and planning to conduct LENR research. He didn’t provide a date but said scientists from major US universities including Purdue and Columbia might participate. Duncan is the Vice Chancellor at that institution.

McKubre blamed politics in science for stifling cold fusion research. He noted that prejudice against LENR among the scientific community keeps graduate students from studying it. They cannot get funding for it or get papers about it published in scientific journals. McKubre believes this prejudice extends to the US Patent Office.

Defkalion Executive Speaks

The EGO OUT blog has interviewed John Hadjichristos who was identified as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Defkalion Green Technologies. He is apparently in charge of the development of that company’s Hyperion device.

Hadjichristos said he envisions the Hyperion as the PC of energy which will produce enough heat to meet everybody’s energy needs. He said the main use will be heat because 75% of the energy in the average Central European house is used for heat. He noted that current models of sustainable energy concentrate on electricity which is only 12% of the energy needs of the average home.

Hadjichristos stated people will be able to sell electricity generated by the Hyperion back to the grid. He said that energy were compared to the computer revolution it would be at the PC rather than the Google stage. He predicted that an energy web in which people input energy will replace the existing grid an interesting thought.

Hadjichristos also revealed that Defkalion broke its agreement with Andrea Rossi last year because of lack of technical testing on Rossi’s ecat device and Rossi’s decision to sign a contract with an American startup called Ampenergo. He also claimed that Rossi’s relationship with Ampenergo had broken down but didn’t provide any proof. This contradicts Rossi who claims he still has a good relationship with Ampenergo.

No details of Defkalion’s device were revealed and Hadjichristos did not discuss his company’s decision to move to Canada. Instead he noted that it is working with what he calls an informal network of Greek investors all over the world.

Peter Gluck the writer of EGO OUT also had an interesting thought we should all share. He noted:

“Cold fusion is too complex a matter to be left to physicists”

Defkalion has apparently placed an advertisement for an executive assistant to assist its CEO Alexandros Xanthoulis at its new Vancouver, British Columbia, office, on It looks like a lot of interesting stuff is happening so stay tuned folks.