What is supposed to be leaked data from a July 16 test of Andrea Rossi’s ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device seems to verify Rossi’s claims that his device can now generate temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius. The tests were apparently conducted by nine professors (who are not identified) and a man named Domenico Fioravanti was described as an army engineer.

The hot ecat courtesy Pure Energy Systems

In a post on his blog (reprinted at bottom for your enjoyment) Rossi revealed that Fioravanti is apparently the source of the leaks. He posted the data on online forums under the name Cures. Rossi also stated that Fioravanti is a military consultant and that he holds the rank of Colonel (presumably in the Italian army or air force). Fioravanti was conducting thermodynamic tests on the ecat for Rossi’s military customer which is not identified. The online rumor military has identified the customer as the US Navy or the US military research outfit DARPA. The Independent Ecat News log has identified Fioravanti as the mysterious colonel who attended Rossi’s 1 MW ecat last October. The shutdownrossi blog even created a wanted poster for Signor Fioravanti.

Over at Pure Energy Systems, Hank Mills is claiming that the ecat can now reach temperatures high enough to convert heat to electricity in solid state devices. That would presumably be the cold fusion battery that Michael McKubre predicted on 60 Minutes a few years ago.

Mills listed a few other things about the hot ecat from Cures posts that are well worth repeating here:

  • The device only uses a few grams of nickel powder and a tiny amount of hydrogen gas.
  • The device can achieve very high temperatures.
  • The device no longer requires any form of liquid cooling to remain stable.
  • The device emits no radiation.
  • The device creates no nuclear waste.
  • The device produces a few kilowatts of excess power.
  • The device is smaller than Rossi’s past ecat units.

Mills called the hot ecat the most powerful device on the planet. It should be noted here that there is no evidence that Mills has actually seen this device or any hard evidence about its operation.

Mills claims that the hot cat could be connected to solid state thermoelectric generators to produce electricity directly from heat. He also claims it could emit gamma radiation that could generate electricity through photovoltaic panels similar to solar panels. He also noted that the hot cat could power either a steam engine or a Stirling engine (a piston engine powered by hot air). He leaves out one other possible use for it, it could be used to power a jet engine or jet turbine so it could theoretically power an airplane or space plane.

Rossi has stated that the report on the hot cat test will be released in early September, probably at the Energy Change with E-cat Technology event in Zurich Switzerland. That conference is scheduled for September 8 and 9. Rossi is scheduled to make a presentation there.

Rossi has also stated that a full report on the hot cat test will be made available after the test wraps up on October 15. The details of the test and the identities of the validators are supposed to remain secret until then. Although Rossi has already revealed one of their names: Domenico Fioravanti.

This information like any “leaked information” should be treated with a lot of skepticism. Deliberately leaking information that helps your cause to friendly media contact is an old trick in business and politics. I wouldn’t be surprised Rossi or one of his associates is doing just that here.

Such leaks are dramatic but they are not reliable sources of information because they cannot be verified. In his baloney detection kit a list of suggested methods for testing arguments and detecting fallacies or inaccuracies the late American scientist Carl Sagan stated:

“Wherever possible there must be independent confirmation of the facts”.

Since there is no way to confirm the facts from the leak, we must view it with a lot of skepticism. Still if this is true it points to some real exciting possibilities.

  1. Andrea Rossi

    Dear Antonella:
    About the tests: the precise dates will be decided in an agreement that we should reach at the beginning of September: obviously we have to accept their needs.
    About Cures: He has been identified as Domenico Fioravanti, it appears that the data from the test made on July 16th comes from him. If it is true, it is due to an excess of enthusiasm for the results, that have been obtained in a test directed by him and by 6 Professors from two Universities. The data had to remain confidential, but he could not help to talk about this event and the remarkable results.
    He is making these tests as a Consultant of a military Customer of us and now probably he will have problems for the leakages, even if I do not think it has been so important: sooner or later the same data will be published. I knew Ing Fioravanti when he was a Student of the Politecnico di Torino ( the Engineering University of Turin, Italy) because he was making a research for Prof. Cesare Boffa (one of the best Engineering Prof. of the time) regarding the new technologies of Electrostatic Precipitators. It was the year 1976 and even if I was 26 years old, I was at the times considered an expert of the sector, so I gave to Domenico Fioravanti much papers I had wrote and he also visited the electrostatic precipitators I manufactured in my factory of Caponago (Milan, Italy). Then we never met again. After 35 years (!!!) I received an email from him in the blog of the Journal, in which he congratulated for the E-Cat, and for me has been a delighting surprise to hear from him again. I contacted him privately and he explained to me that he was a Colonel Engineer, expert of missiles tests. One year later, when with our Military Customer we had to choose a neutral Consultant for the test of the well known plant of 1 MW, I proposed Fioravanti, whom they knew very well, because he worked with NATO, with the Pentagon at the highest levels and always for engineering connected with thermodynamic tests ( mainly nuclear carriers’ heads tests). So we all have been glad to choose him.
    His intellectual integrity and his knowledge of the matter has allowed a job that has been considered highly professional from all the parties involved.
    This is it.
    Warm Regards,