Jet Energy’s NANOR palladium-zirconium cold fusion device has again been demonstrated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT. This time Professor Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Mitchell Swartz showed it to Sen. Bruce Tarr the minority leader in the Massachusetts State Senate.

Bruce Tarr and staffers at MIT meeting Hagelstein

The Cold Fusion Times reported that Tarr visited MIT to discuss low energy nuclear reaction technology with Hagelstein who is a member of Cold Fusion Energy Inc. During the meeting the NANOR table top cold fusion unit was apparently present and running.

Cold Fusion Times reported that NANOR has been able to continuously produce heat for two months. If that is true it would indicate that Jet Energy has a potentially reliable LENR technology. Swartz and Hagelstein demonstrated the device as part of a week long cold fusion course that they taught at MIT in January. Jet Energy calls its technology Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction or LANR. I still haven’t been able to find out what NANOR stands for.

This could be Jet Energy's cold fusion device NANOR

No plans for commercializing NANOR are posted at Jet Energy’s website. The site mentions two technologies LANR and the PHUSOR electrode. PHUSOR is apparently designed for wound treatment. Swartz operates Jet Energy.

There is no word on what Tarr and the professors discussed. Hagelstein and Swartz apparently demonstrated their process to him and some of his staff. Tarr a Republican who represents the Essex and Middlesex districts has been interested in LENR for some time. He met with Andrea Rossi in November.

Massachusetts State Senator Bruce Tarr

Hagelstein apparently gave a demonstration about the Jet Energy process at the Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals in Siena, Italy, earlier this month. He reportedly plans to give a similar demonstration at the Unlocking the Atom Conference planned for Torino, Italy, later this year. (Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find much about this conference). Hagelstein gave a demonstration about excess heat from the NANOR at MIT at the Siena event.

Hopefully Jet Energy will be able to attract some funding to commercialize its process. Also hopefully more politicians will follow Tarr’s example and show some interest in this vital technology.