It seems like the mainstream media in the United States is finally picking up on the importance of Andrea Rossi’s e-cat device. In a column on the website of one of America’s most prestigious business publications Forbes, Mark Gibbs accurately describes what e-cat is and more importantly grasps its potential for changing the world.

Mark Gibbs

This is the first time that a mainstream publication in the US has seriously covered the e-cat or at least made an effort to understand it. At least one journalist in the US is trying. Anyway the article and a similar one that Gibbs wrote for the trade publication Network World that has also been published on a batch of websites makes some interesting points. His understanding of the science like mine is quite fuzzy but Mr. Gibbs does seem to understand how revolutionary low energy nuclear reaction will be.


The below is in his worlds but it does a very good job of describing how e-cat could affect the economy:
• Where today you use petroleum products for motive energy (for example, to propel cars, trucks, and planes) you will be using steam engines or Stirling engines. In theory you’ll be able to drive across the country for cents. What will that do to the trucking industry? The shipping industry? Aviation?
• With the demand for gasoline falling overnight and petroleum becoming needed primarily as feedstock for plastics, the US would immediately become self-sufficient in crude oil. What will happen in the Middle East without the huge flow of cash from the Western hemisphere? How will world politics be changed?
• An E-Cat system could power your house or office making the existing grid obsolete. What would it mean to make your personal and corporate electricity and gas bills nearly zero?
• The cost of manufacturing would fall very quickly with energy removed from the equation. If you are in manufacturing of any kind, this will affect you enormously. How fast could and how would you rework your corporate strategy to become competitive in a market where prices suddenly plummeted (note that the suddenly reduced cash flows would play havoc with the finance structures of many corporations).

Note I do disagree with Mr. Gibbs on one point here, cold fusion will not make fossil fuels like oil or natural gas obsolete overnight. Conversion to the new technology will take several years at the minimum. Still it is a disruptive technology that could change everything.

This could soon be obsolete thanks to Mr. Rossi and others

I might also add that the big demand for oil from the Middle East is in Europe not the USA. The countries most effected if the US wasn’t buying oil would be Canada, Mexico and Venezuela (Hugo Chavez had better start house shopping in Miami if the oil money stops and make sure he has a couple of extra rooms for his friends the Castro brothers to stay in).

This could soon go the way of the livery stable and dial telephones

He also fails to note all the extra profits lots of business will make without high energy costs. Many of those would be passed onto the consumers which would be good. Gibbs also does not seem to be aware of some of the other work being done in cold fusion such as that at Defkalion and at Brillouin.