A number of media outlets are reporting an old story about the ecat as news. Extreme Tech, Motherboard and a UK website called The Register are all reporting that Andrea Rossi is selling his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) devices for $1.5 million apiece.

The inside of Andrea Rossi's one megawatt ecat device courtesy Extreme Tech


The problem with this story is that it is a very old one. As those of us who have been following Rossi know he’s been promising to sell one megawatt (megawatt of heat not electricity) ecat devices for about two years since Oct. 2011. There is still of course no evidence that such a device has been delivered even Rossi has been testing various ecat models in Italy for years.

On numerous occasions Rossi himself has claimed that ecats have been sold and shipped but he has not revealed the location of the devices nor the buyers so there is no way to verify these claims. Yet some of the articles particularly the one in Extreme Tech a blog associated with PC World are worth checking out.

Extreme Tech is making a number of interesting claims including:

· One megawatt ecat devices will be shipped to customers in early 2014. The blog didn’t say whether the devices are the hot ecat or the earlier version Rossi has demonstrated.

· The ecat devices will cost around $1.5 million apiece.

· The ecats will be 100,000 times more efficient than combustion engines.

· The ecat will work by fusing nickel and iron into copper.

Since Extreme Tech provides no source for any of these claims it’s hard to take it seriously. Two other outlets the Register and Motherboard were a little more critical. The Register called the claims “skeptic bait” and mentioned Dick Smith’s cold fusion challenge (I didn’t know that was still going on) Motherboard claims Rossi’s Leonardo Corp is accepting preorders (note Leonardo Corp has been accepting orders for at least two years).

It should also be noted that Rossi himself has said repeatedly that the ecat is undergoing testing and has not been validated yet. At his blog, Rossi admitted that his device is in a period of testing and validation. He also stated that statements will not be released until the testing is done.

Ecat being shipped to unknown customers in May, 2013


On December 1 Rossi made this statement in response to a correspondent named Wladimir Guglinksi:

“When it will be time to talk, either regarding commercial issues or technological and scientific issues, our specialists will talk, whatever the news, positive or negative as such news might be.”


US”>Motherboard mentioned a “cold fusion arms” race but didn’t mention any of Rossi’s well known competitors such as Nanor, Piantelli, Celani, Brillouin and Defkalion. As with the other media outlets its articles featured no sources. With “journalism” such as this, it’s easy to see why so many people have such a hard time taking cold fusion or LENR seriously. No information is available.