George H. Miley has unveiled a picture of his low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device the LENR-Gen Module. The module is described as a Hydride Gas-Loaded Nanoparticle Electrode Cell Design for distributed co-generation power. The device is apparently an electric generator in which heat created by LENR will turn a turbine to generate electricity.

From the design posted online it looks like the device will use hot air to turn a turbine. That means could easily be adapted to run a vehicle or an aircraft. The device will apparently generate 10 kilowatts of electricity. Commentary on his mockup notes that that the larger versions of the device could be built.

This revelation indicates that Miley may have changed his focus. Earlier news posts indicated that he was trying to develop an LENR power source for NASA space probes. Miley now seems to be developing a general power source similar to Andrea Rossi’s ecat.

Miley is trying to get funding from Ultralight Start Ups a venture capital group that provides funding to certain new technology companies. Ultralight runs contests which determine which companies will get funding. Individuals vote on the various projects. The vote is closed but the winner of the funding will be announced at the APRA-E Energy Innovation in Summit in Washington, DC, on Feb. 25-27. Since the event is sponsored by the US Department of Energy this might be more evidence the Energy Department has changed its mind about LENR. The funding will go to Miley’s company LENUCO.

Miley who has worked for NASA has a US patent for his LENR process. Miley’s LENR Distributed Power Units received 349 votes in the contest far more than most of the technologies but less than other ideas. Hopefully LENUCO will win or at least attract enough attention for other venture capitalists to take a look at Miley’s proposal.

E-Cat Test Results Delayed Again

Andrea Rossi has again delayed the release of test results for his hot ecat LENR device. Rossi now thinks the results will be released in March they were supposed to be released this month. On his blog Rossi himself also admits that he doesn’t know when the results will be released.

Rossi also announced that a hot ecat plant should be delivered in March or April. Rossi also stated that he will start selling household ecats units as soon as he receives certification for it. Rossi didn’t say when this will be. Rossi also admitted he is working on a robotized production line for ecats.

Something that’s interesting is that the hot ecat will be lighter than the regular lower temperature ecat. Hopefully Rossi should unveil this device for the public soon although it probably needs a lot more testing than most of us assume.

It looks like the LENR field is heating up. Hopefully we’ll soon have a lot of companies introducing new LENR technologies. Such competition is the only thing that will enable the successful adoption of LENR and speed the development of the technology.