There have been some very interesting revelations from Andrea Rossi. In two videos posted at Rossi makes something interesting statements about his ecat low energy nuclear reaction device. He also clarifies some issues. The videos show Rossi in his workshop with an e-cat that is producing steam.

Questions are shown on the screen but it doesn’t appear that anybody is actually talking to Rossi. Instead he appears to be alone and talking to the camera.

Rossi stated that it would take more than two years to make electricity using e-cat. He stated that the device’s efficiency would have to be improved before it could be used to generate electricity. He also once again predicted that the device would be used to power ships and planes before it will be placed in cars.

“In the very short term future this energy will be used to make electric power,” Rossi said. “It will take more than a couple of years.” This would contradict statements from him that said electricity was a year away. On his blog Rossi has stated that the home e-cats could be upgraded to make electricity once he has achieved that feat.

The inventor also discussed the 10 kilowatt home ecat heating unit he wants to start selling soon. He said the device would be a very small box that would be added to existing heating systems. He said it would work with hot water heating units but did not mention whether it would work with forced air heating systems.

Rossi also stated that the ecat could be plugged into existing heating systems like software into a computer. Rossi also said a “completely robotized” factory would start building the home ecats within 12 to 18 months. This would seem to contradict Rossi’s blog where he stated that the first home units could be shipped by August and available in the fall.

Rossi called e-cat a revolution and said he was making it low priced so that it would be revolutionary.

Even though he called his LENR device revolutionary Rossi said it would not replace fossil fuels. Instead he predicted it would be integrated with other energy sources. He noted that it could save energy by replacing fuels used in heating.

Some more information about the 1 megawatt ecat units Rossi is producing in Bologna is available. The website stated that the price for the units is now $1.5 million a piece which is one half million dollars cheaper than the previous price of $2 million a piece.

The same website stated that Rossi and his team are developing an automated control system that would make 24 hour a day seven day a week operation of the 1 megawatt ecats possible. That would seem to indicate that the technology is far from perfected.

Interestingly enough at his blog, Rossi admitted that the 1MW ecat he said he sold to an unnamed buyer in October has not been shipped yet. It is apparently still at his facility in Bologna where he is still conducting tests on it with devices he ordered from National Instruments in the United States.

In a second video also posted at, Rossi said that independent testing and scientific validation of his invention would be carried out at two universities he did not name. In the past Rossi has stated that he wants to set up LENR research facilities at his alma matter the University of Bologna and Uppsala University. Rossi has refused to say whether these two schools will host the research facilities.

This unit or another unit is located in the background in the interview posted at

The inventor also stated that scientists were examining his invention but he refused to identify them. Rossi has worked with a number of scientists including Sergio Focardi on his invention.

When asked why he wouldn’t reveal the location of the testing Rossi said, “we like to work in peace. We prefer to do this not in a theater but in the closed doors of our factory.”

When asked if e-cat was cold fusion Rossi said no even though he admitted that fusion was going. Instead he thought it was a low energy nuclear reaction that is producing some fusion.

“I’m not sure we have real fusion,” Rossi said. “We have found traces of fusion.”

He noted that his instruments had found 511 KEV gamma rays in the output from the reaction. Rossi said this was produced by protons turning into neutrons.

“We have some kind of fusion inside but I do not think this is the main energy source,” he admitted. This would seem to confirm by the statement by Italian physicist Francesco Celani that Rossi does not seem to understand his process.

Francesco Celani courtesy 22 Passi

When asked about competition Rossi said his main goal is to get a product to market. He also said he would put up a very tough fight against any competition.

These interviews were posted at a sight created by Hydro Fusion the Swedish Company that has a license to market e-cats in Northern Europe. stated that the interviews were produced by the team but did not reveal who that was.