National Instruments (NASDAQ: NATI)is a good investment because of its commitment to low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). That’s the conclusion of John Licata the founder and chief strategist for Blue Phoenix Inc., a commodity research company.

“Certainly this is the holy grail of all energy,” Licata said of cold fusion in a recent video. Licata admitted that fusion could be 20 to 30 years away. Yet he also believes that some technologies are pushing the entire process of fusion faster with new innovations such as communications. He predicted that precision technologies will make both hot and cold fusion possible in the future.

Licata called LENR the holy grail of energy in a recent blog post for the Motley Fool, a popular American website for stock market enthusiasts. Licata thinks National Instruments has a bright future because its LabView software platform and PXI CompactRIO Hardware Platforms can be used for LENR research.


National Instruments Founder and CEO Dr. James Truchard or Dr. T. Courtesy Design News


National Instruments and its CEO Dr. James Truchard are strong proponents of LENR. The company’s 2012 convention or NIWeek was a showcase for LENR featuring the public debut of Francesco Celani’s LENR device. Truchard has said LabView can be used for LENR research.

In his blog Licata also mentioned Andrea Rossi and the ECAT or Energy Catalyzer. Licata noted that Rossi has been able to produce excess heat from a cold fusion device.

“This is a company that is using both software and hardware to help engineers understand the process of fusion,” Licata said. He claimed that Andrea Rossi worked with National Instruments last year. It should be noted here that Rossi had an agreement to purchase instruments a couple of years ago that didn’t work out. There is never evidence that Rossi has worked directly with National Instruments.

Licata said that National Instruments a publicly traded and diversified company that manufactures a wide variety of instrumentation is working to solve big engineering problems with fusion. He also wrote that the “potential for fusion is very much real thanks to advances in technology like what National is delivering.”

Licata also called LENR a disruptive technology that intrigued him. A disruptive technology is one that can change an entire industry or market. It looks like some serious investors are interested in LENR and that LENR could be a really good investment in the near future.


National Instruments is based in Austin, Texas. It is a publicly traded company with $1.17 2 billion in revenues. Those interested in investing in LENR should take a look at this stock and perhaps purchase a few shares. It is a safe way to invest in LENR.

Hopefully more investors and big companies will become involved in LENR in the near future. National Instruments’ involvement could help the stock market discover LENR and give cold fusion developers the funds they need to commercialize this technology.