I’m no physicist but it seems to me that the discovery at the CERN laboratory that neutrinos could move faster than light could have implications for cold fusion. Neutrino releases have apparently been detected in some cold fusion experiments. So I have to wonder could faster than light movement by neutrinos be responsible for the huge releases of energy detected in some Low Energy Nuclear Reactions?

It is also interesting to note how this discovery could impact physics. The physics establishment has been telling us for decades that nothing could move faster than light. They dismissed FTL as nothing but “science fiction.” Now it looks like they were wrong about that one. One has to wonder if they’re wrong about cold fusion too.

Some members of the physics establishment have already come out and started attacking this neutrino discovery much as they attack cold fusion. University of Maryland Physics Department Chairman Dave Bawden told a reporter that a neutrino was a “magic carpet.” Obviously the scientists behind OPERA disagree with Bawden, he sounds a lot like the cold fusion skeptics doesn’t he.

CERN's Neutrino Detector

“This can’t be right, this can’t be real, James Giles, CERN’s own head of communications told another reporter. Sound familiar doesn’t it? If we aren’t smart enough to explain something it can’t be real. If we don’t have all the answers deny it, ignore it and hope it goes away so we won’t be embarrassed by it any more.

It’ll be interesting to see where this leads or if it amounts to anything. Hopefully the arbiters of science who tried to quash Pons and Flieschman won’t have their way with this one. It’ll be really interesting see what Focardi and Guissepe Levi have to say about this. Not to mention Andrea Rossi.