Long time cold fusion researcher and University of Illinois professor Dr. George Miley is scheduled to unveil a new low energy nuclear reaction power source on March 23. The eCatsite.com blog is reporting that Miley will unveil a new LENR device that has been designed as a power cell for NASA space probes at the Emerging Technologies in Space conference in the Woodlands, Texas.

Miley is apparently scheduled to give a presentation called “A Game-Changing Power Source Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions” at the conference. Miley has said his device is designed to power Galileo and other space probes. NASA is planning to phase out its current nuclear power source uranium 239(8) which has been criticized as being dangerous. An abstract of Miley’s presentation is available online.

Miley's LENR power cell from his presentation

Miley was apparently developing his device at the University of Illinois’s Champaign-Urbana campus in Southern Illinois where he works. He was apparently working with a group of grad students that has been disbanded. Miley is apparently talking to NASA in an attempt to get more funding to continue his work. Miley was supposed to unveil a device in December but changed his mind apparently because of problems with it.

Grad Students work with Miley's Device

Miley has reportedly worked with the Department of Energy in the past. It is unclear who was funding his work but funding may have run out. His presentation could be an attempt to find more funding or get government support.

Miley is part of Cold Fusion Energy Inc. a consortium of scientists that is working to commercialize LENR. It is unclear if his recent work is connected to the consortium or not.

It’s obvious that more government and university support for LENR research is needed. There’s a lot of exciting work going on and many dedicated researchers. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be receiving they need.


Hopefully the success of devices like Andrea Rossi’s ecat and Defkalion’s Hyperion and the media attention they attract will change that. One also how long the LENR skeptics can continue their attacks with all these new devices being unveiled.