President Obama has finally decided that climate change is a critical issue and he should do something about it. With reelection safely behind him, the President has set new limits on the amount of carbon dioxide power plants can emit. Unfortunately Obama didn’t mention any new technologies such as low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) that could replace coal burning power plants completely and eliminate the problem in the first place in his speech.

Ironically enough the heat got to Obama as he discussed climate change at Georgetown University on June 25, 2013. Courtesy Associated Press

This is puzzling given recent developments including announcements that Andrea Rossi and Defkalion have generated heat with their devices. The federal government is obviously aware of LENR, NASA scientists such as Joseph Zawodny think it is possible and rumors that Rossi is working with the US Navy been swirling for years.

Possibly Obama wants real proof such as a working LENR plant before he makes an announcement about it. If that’s the case I cannot blame the president, but it would be nice to see the President give people some hope instead of the standard Al Gore style gloom and doom.

Still Obama’s speech marks a big shift away from coal. He even promised to end the use of US foreign aid money to build coal burning power plants overseas. The speech could be as historic as some of Ronald Reagan’s pronouncements against Communism back in the 1980s. Yet it lacked the critical ingredient Reagan always added: namely hope. When Reagan made those speeches he was jeered for talking about a world without Cold War and Communism it happened and in less than ten years.

There is hope on another front from Uncle Sam the US Department of Energy has decided to spend $150 million financing the development of small scale nuclear power reactors. These would be conventional reactors using nuclear fission but it indicates the Department of Energy is open to smaller technologies and to next generation nuclear.

Hopefully this means the Department of Energy is moving away from green technologies and towards alternatives that can produce enough energy to run our civilization on. Of those technologies, LENR looks the most promising right now.

If we can get the Department of Energy to start devoting as much money to LENR and other small scale nuclear technologies as it has to windmills and solar  panels we could see some real progress. Numerous tests have shown that LENR can generate heat so it is time to spend the money and resources necessary to see if it is a viable power source or not.

It’s been a little over a week since the death of that intrepid LENR researcher Sergio Focardi. Hopefully political leaders like President Obama will honor his memory with a strong commitment to a real clean energy source that can make the nightmare scenario of global warming nothing but a bad memory.