AmpEnergo Inc. a US based company with important political connections has been licensed to sell energy catalyzers in the USA, Canada and Latin America. Not much is known about AmpEnergo its website merely states that the company’s team has experience in developing and commercializing advanced power technologies.


A June 27 press release posted at AmpEnergo’s website confirms that it and Andrea Rossi’s company the Leonardo Corporation are working on commercializing e-cat in the Americas. The release states the commercialization will be done through strategic partnerships with other companies but does not provide details about them.


Not much is known about AmpEnergo because it is a privately held company. That means it does not have to divulge details of its operations under US law. The June 27, press release states that AmpEnergo is not offering stock to the public at this time.


The blog at Pure Energy Systems reports that AmpEnergo was founded by four men Karl Norwood, Robert Noceti, Robert Gentile and Craig Cassarino. Pure Energy states that Robert Gentile was Assistant Secretary of Energy for Fossil Fuels in the early 1990s. Gentile could presumably use his influence to get an E-cat patent approved by the US government.