The Cold Fusion Now website is reporting that Brillouin Energy Corporation has been granted a Chinese patent for its low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology. If this rumor is true it could mean that Brillouin is the only company which has been granted an LENR patent by one of the world’s major powers.

As far as I know China is the only country where Brillouin has a patent. The company is currently have the SRI International laboratory in Menlo Park, California, testing its LENR boiler technology. The Brillouin boiler is based upon work done by Robert E. Godes who is currently serving as the company’s president and Chief Technical Officer. The patent apparently covers Brillouin’s latticed assisted nuclear reactions and quantum fusion technology.

Brillouin has not been able to get its patents approved in the United States or Europe. The US Patent Office reportedly has a long standing policy of not accepting cold fusion related patents.

It is unclear what exactly Brillouin has patented in China because the company has not yet completed tests on its technology. Brillouin which is based in Berkley, California, has managed to get $2 million in venture capital to fund its work.

Cold Fusion Now is also reporting that Brillouin is developing a gas loaded LENR device similar to Andrea Rossi’s hot e-cat. Like the hot ecat the device called the Hydrogen Hot Tube will run at much higher temperatures than the boiler. This will allow Brillouin to develop a dry energy cell. Godes told Cold Fusion Now that Brillouin will have to raise more capital to fund this device. The Hydrogen Hot Tube is apparently designed for commercial power generation. The patent is apparently for Brillouin’s wet boiler technology which could power a steam engine.

Godes has said that it should be possible to replace coal fired steam generators in existing power plants with his LENR technology in the near future. If these reports are correct it indicates that Brillouin is close to commercializing its technology. Brillouin’s current business plan is to license its technology to manufacturers.

The Chinese patent might be a good way to put pressure on US politicians and bureaucrats to change their mind about Cold Fusion. Seeing the Chinese do it might get them thinking about it. It might be a good idea for LENR supporters to bring this up with their Congressmen and Senators who are going to be running for office this fall. Since Congress controls the Patent Office’s budget I’m sure the bureaucrats there will listen if Representatives start asking about LENR.