Andrea Rossi has announced that he is developing what he calls an e-cat cold fusion module “for the people”. In a post on his website he stated that the unit will be cube shaped and be 40 centimeters (15.74 inches) high, and 40 centimeters in width. He also stated the unit would weigh about 60 kilograms (132 pounds for Americans) and retail for about 500 euros $671 in US dollars for each kilowatt of power it produces.

Rossi also asked for the readers of his website to help him design the device. He asked for a “cheap design” for the device to be sent to his e-mail address at and gave his word of honor that he would pay for the design. Rossi trusted his readers to come up with a masterpiece. When asked what the e-cat would be like, Rossi said it would look something like the device he demonstrated for Ny Teknik and a group of scientists on October 6 in Bologna. He demonstrated a similar device for the Swedish technology publication in May.

Rossi didn’t say what this device would be for but it would be presumably for home heating and water heating. It could also be used for small scale electricity production. This announcement could indicate that reports Rossi has broken his relationship with an unidentified American organization that was supposed to test the e-cat starting this month in the US is off. Rossi told Ny Teknik that his lawyers were uncomfortable with the agreement that entity wanted him to sign. Rossi had also been preparing a cargo container sized 1 megawatt generator for shipment to that entity.

Rossi did not say who would manufacture the cold fusion device for the masses or when it would be available. These statements could indicate that Rossi believes he will soon get a European Union or US patent on the e-cat.

The Cold Fusion Devices blog a really good news source that I have not seen before reported that Rossi’s long time partner Sergio Focardi and two other scientists Professor Christos Stremmenos and Dr David Bianchini did further testing on the e-cat. The three looked into possible radiation and calculated energy production. Cold Fusion Devices reports that Bianchini reported that no discernible radiation was detected. It did not say how effective the e-cat was at turning water into steam.

Stremmenos’ presence is interesting because the Greek physicist is associated with Rossi’s former partners at the Greek company Defkalion. Defkalion had announced plans to market a home heating system based on Rossi’s technology.

In other news, Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer (E-cat) has gotten some more media exposure including the US leftwing website Daily Kos and the British version of Wired magazine.

Also Rossi has been given the ultimate modern pop culture tribute a badly made comedy video posted on youtube see below. It apparently uses a clip from some Indiana Jones video game that I’ve never heard of.