Andrea Rossi has changed his story about the third party report on his e-cat Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) technology yet again. Now he’s saying that no data will be revealed until the ecat starts producing electricity.


The Cube a Natural Gas Burning Fuel Cell System from Reddox Power Systems

On his blog Rossi gave this explanation to a correspondent called BroKeeper:

“We will be able to give these data when we will produce electric energy.”

The data Rossi responds to refers to the so called Rossi effect which produces the power the ecat uses. I imagine the data will be included in the independent report to be produced by the Third Party. Rossi also noted that the data will come from a factory of a customer of US company, Industrial Heat which purchased his ecat technology from him. According to Rossi that company is testing an ecat unit capable of producing one megawatt of heat.

Unfortunately Rossi claims he cannot reveal the identity of the customer or the location of the factory because of a nondisclosure agreement or NDA. Under such an arrangement Rossi’s contract would be broken and he could be sued if the plant’s location was exposed.

There is little more activity on the LENR front at the current time but some other alternative energy technologies are making impressive progress. In particular there have been some impressive advances in the fuel cell arena.

In the near future, rooftop fuel cells could power our cities.

A company called Reddox Systems LLC has unveiled a natural gas powered fuel cell called the Cube or the Power SERG 2-80. Reddox claims that a Cube about the size of a refrigerator can produce 25 kilowatts of electricity from natural gas using solid oxide fuel cells. The Cube also generates electricity at 70% efficiency which is pretty impressive. Most gasoline and diesel engines operate at 30% to 40% efficiency.

The Cube is small and light enough to be placed on top of buildings in New York City, Reddox’s Chief Technology Officer Ryan Blackburn claimed in company video. Blackburn showed off a Cube which he claimed was capable of powering a small shopping center.

The Cube fuel cell technology was invented by Professor Eric Waschman of the University of Maryland who has been working on it for about 25 years. The Daily Tech website reported that Reddox’s fuel cells are being tested a number of Microsoft data centers. Data centers which provide the platform upon which the internet runs are massive users of electricity.

If Reddox’s claims are true, LENR has a very serious competitor in the form of fuel cells. Fuel cell technology is advancing quickly because of nanotechnology. Another fuel cell maker, Bloom Energy also made some news recently. Bloom inked a deal with utility Exelon to provide fuel cell units for 75 buildings in four states: California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. Those cells which operate off natural gas will produce 21 megawatts of electricity.

It looks like we are in the midst of a new energy evolution that promises to blow green technologies such as wind turbines out of the water. One wonders how they will be able to compete with LENR and fuel cells?