It is easy to see why a lot of people do not take Andrea Rossi very seriously. He has made yet another round of sensational yet unsubstantiated claims about his E-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology.

In an interview with Frank Acland that popped up on on October 25, 2015, Rossi said “yes” when Acland asked: “Have you had any orders so far from well-known companies?”

Unfortunately Acland forgot to ask the next logical question which is: “can you identify those companies?” Since Acland did not ask the question, the response above is absolutely meaningless. Even if Rossi refused to identify the companies that would at least be a response. It would also be news.

Since Rossi claims he will soon be selling ecats, one would think he would like to have a few claims from satisfied customers to bolster his sales. Sadly enough Rossi responded to several questions with pat answer:

Andrea Rossi shows off his US Patent for the Ecat technology. courtesy ecat world

“No, this is confidential.”

From his replies to Mr. Acland it sounds as if Industrial Heat is going to start selling or licensing Ecat after the current round of testing on the LENR process wraps up around the end of February. The problem is that it is hard to ascertain exactly what they are selling. Rossi did described some of the work being done on ecat.

“There are 10 persons authorized to attend that rotate in turns; we have engineers and blue collar workers; the atmosphere is of a harmonic team working for something whose importance we believe in.”

It sounds as if some fairly substantial testing is going on which is good. Unfortunately it is impossible to figure out exactly what the testing is uncovering which is bad. My guess is that Rossi is afraid to reveal results because he is afraid of helping competitors replicate his technology. Something that Russian physicist Alexander G. Parkohomov may have already achieved last year.

I can understand such concerns but I have one suggestion here for Rossi. If you want to keep stuff secret, do not talk to the press.

It sounds as if one of the best friends that the Cold Fusion skeptics have is Andrea Rossi. His odd habit of mixing sensational claims with secrecy makes their job a whole lot easier. One has to hope that at some point we get a full revelation of what is actually going on and a complete revelation of the testing.