Andrea Rossi inside his 1 MW ecat Unit

Inventor Andrea Rossi has told an interviewer that his Ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device is generating temperatures of 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,832 degrees Fahrenheit). He also claims that the device is maintaining these temperatures steadily.

Rossi made the claim to the E-Cat World blog in an interview dated July 23, 2012. Unfortunately he did not provide any proof or verification for these claims. Instead he claimed that all will be reviewed in an upcoming report. Rossi did not say who is preparing the report. Nor did he say when it would be released.

If this is true it is important because it means that e-cat is now capable of generating temperatures needed for a wide variety of industrial processes. That includes steam for the operation of turbines to generate electricity and to power large machines and ships. It also includes turbines driven by hot air and Stirling engines which use hot air to drive pistons. Long term uses for it could include smelting, welding, waste disposal and metal production.

Rossi told E-Cat World that no tests to generate electricity with an Ecat have been conducted. Interestingly enough he also talked about a direct conversion process in which the ecat would generate electricity directly without the use of a mechanical generator. Unfortunately he didn’t give any details of how this would be done.

In the interview Rossi said he was in Miami presumably at his apartment in Miami Beach. This seems to be another indicator that Rossi is no longer involved in the direct research in Bologna, Italy, where ecat is being tested. So somebody else probably Sergio Focardi or Guiseppe Levi seems to be to doing the actual work with ecat.

One Megawatt Industrial Unit Prototype at a Leonardo Corp facility in Bologna

In the interview Rossi declined to say when e-cats for home heating purposes would be delivered. He also declined to say when the first 1 megawatt (megawatt of heat not electricity) ecat unit for non-military purposes would be delivered.

E-cat World also revealed the name of the Italian licensee for e-cat. It is a company called Prometeon S.R.I. The company has a very impress looking website with fancy graphics and pictures of business cards on it. Interestingly enough the Italian name for e-cat seems to be C-Cat. The connection between this firm and Rossi’s Leonardo Corp is unclear.