Andrea Rossi is now claiming to have at least twenty ecat Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) devices operating a temperature of 600 degrees Celsius. He also claims that they will up and running for 20,000 hours as part of a test. That means the reactors would have to run for about 42 days for the test to be completed. Rossi made this statement on his blog.

In the same post he stated that he will make the high temperature test results available in a few weeks. That could mean that he intends to make the results available at the 17th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-17) scheduled for August 12-17 in Daejon, Korea. Defkalion has announced indications that it could make its results available there as well.

Giuseppe Levi

Rossi’s statement should be taken with a grain of salt. He noted that he is in the USA presumably his apartment in Miami Beach. The reactors are presumably at his Leonardo Corporation’s Facilities in Bologna, Italy. Since Rossi is probably in Miami that probably means Sergio Focardi or Giuseppe Levi is overseeing the testing. As far as I know the Leonardo Corporation has no facilities in the US.

If these remarks are true they are important because it indicates that the ecat is now capable of generating enough steam to run a steam turbine or a boiler. He stated:

“We do not produce steam boilers, so this issue will be assessed by the boiler manufacturer. We will not manufacture or engineer heat exchangers of any kind.”

That could mean he has a deal with a boiler manufacturer or simply intends to license his technology to boiler manufacturers. If the ecat is working as Rossi is claiming it would be a simple matter for a manufacturer to create a boiler that would run off of it.

Despite this Rossi stated that Leonardo Corporation is close to manufacturing “high temperature” plants. Those plants could be used to generate steam to produce electricity and power industrial processes.

Rossi also stated that the Leonardo Corporation has a Licensee; a company that will manufacture its technology, in Japan. He did not reveal who the licensee is. Hopefully it’s one of the giant Japanese corporations such as Mitsubishi which make everything from cars to ships. Such a company would have the resources and cash needed to adapt LENR technology for a wide variety of uses.

Sergio Focardi

Rossi also noted that he cannot reveal the details of his work because of a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). That would seem to be more proof that somebody else is now in charge of Leonardo Corporation. Rossi has revealed that the operation of the corporation is in the hands of a trust or group of investors. It looks like we’re going to see an interesting summer.