The new website that claims to represent Andrea Rossi and his Leonardo Corporation apparently has nothing to do with Rossi. The site which even claims to be selling e-cat units and licenses and contains pictures of a theoretical 5 KW e-cat generator is apparently the work of Sterling D. Allan of Pure Energy Systems News.

This header makes it looks like this website represents Andrea Rossi it does not.

Rossi, at this moment, has disavowed the site and has even asked to have it taken down. It now contains this disclaimer:

NOTICE: November 13, 2011; 12:30 pm MST
Andrea Rossi has removed his “official” designation from this site. The content herein should be considered under the editorial control of Sterling D. Allan of PES Network, Inc. and not approved by Andrea Rossi. See for chronicle (independent site).

It’s hard to know what to make of this but its obvious that some of Andrea Rossi’s worst enemies could be his own supporters. Why Allan has done this I do not know. As of 2 p.m. mountain standard time today the site is still up and running . Here’s what Rossi himself had to say about it in an e-mail to Allen:

Sterling, please: all the website is not approved, please take out
from the net all the website. I have to review all of it, I continue
to receive a lot of troubles from it, instead of making my work I have
to handle all the very bad comments I am receiving! I do not publish
on the blog these comments, because I want not to polemize and expose
you, but I am totally exasperated. Take immediately all the website
out of the net, all of it is not approved!
I looked at it superficially when I said that was good, because I had
not time to read throughly and because I did not realize the very bad
problems it was going to raise. Please take it off!
I am sorry, I know you worked with honesty and enthusiasm, but it has
been my mistake not yours, now please take it all off the net!
Warmest Regards,

Note: Allan himself sent this out to people who subscribed to the newsgroup he had posted on the site.  Part of the reason Rossi may want the site down is that it could contain some apparently inaccurate information. Rossi himself has disavowed this and said such performance from an e-cat is three years away. Here below is a pictures of an e-cat home heating unit that can generate 5KW of heat (note: this appears to be a purely theoretical device and not a real invention).

Mockups of a proposed e-cat home heating unit on the site. Not approved by Andrea Rossi


Updates (11-16-2011) = Sterling Allan has published more information and details regarding what happened here: