In this video interview with the Swedish technology magazine, Ny Teknik, Andrea Rossi provides a lot of good information about the energy catalyzer and its possibilities. Specifically he states that planes and ships powered by the device could soon be possible. He stated that it will take a little longer to get cars running off of it.

Rossi did not say how trains or ships could be powered by E-cat. The most likely method would be with a steam turbine engine that runs a generator to produce electricity. The electricity would power motors on the wheels which move the train. This is how a modern diesel locomotive or train set operates. Such a next generation steam engine was tested by the Norfolk and Western Railroad in the United States in the 1950s. Ships or trains could also be powered directly by steam.

One possibility would be to replace the diesel engine in a ship with an e-cat. The e-cat would make steam to produce electricity which would run the motors that turns the ship’s propellers. It could be used for naval vessels especially those that run off nuclear reactors like submarines and some US aircraft carriers.

He also noted that he is looking for an industrial facility in Sweden to test an e-cat. Rossi did not say if he had found such a facility but it is an interesting possibility.